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nokia 3650

can anybody tell me how to get the prefs mený ona 3650 nokia???


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The keyboard problem got solved, it seems; but the $ sign IS accessible via scandinavic keyboard too: press Chr + Ctrl, a table for special characters opens. Go to symbols and select the dollar sign. (Also helpful for a ton of other symbols )

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Question where can i get the games from.....

Originally Posted by Dazler
The commodor was a very popular computer in it's days and because it's was easy to program on there were a lot of games available. But how to use these games? (Searched the net for a ancient c64 manual to figure this out )

The installing of the frodo app isn't that hard (frodo is the emulator) it works just like any other app.
Now we need some games. The games are packed in a file called blahblah.d64. This d64 file can be placed anywhere on your communicator.

Now start up the frodo app.
click on prefs (cba button) and go to 1541.
go to any of the drive boxes like for my example 'drive 8' press get file and point to the d64 file.

Now this d64 file behaves like a disk/drive on the commodor.

so when we return to the emulator we'll need to load the drive.
LOAD "$",8

8 is the drive number
hey hi ya.....where can i download games for this....and also have you seen the mame emu for the 6600 yet....many thanks keni....
frodo should respond with something like:
Loading from 0801 (2049) to 087f
now press "list"
it will display the installed apps on the drive
In my example it contains this line:
now load the app by typing
[code:1]load "giana"[/code:1]
after the system says "ready"
the game will now launch.

In order to work with the arrows in this game, you need to press "caps" first (the button on your keyboard above shift )

I've added the emulator, the game and a screenshot of the game in stretched view.

BTW be patient when using this

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How do I Install frodo on A920?

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Unhappy frodo problems

frodo doesnt seem to be able to recognize games on my MMC
so i put it in the main directory (only 500k left!)
now if i select "game.d64" it shows me the game a hundred times, like that


and if i select ANY of them and try to start it i always encounter a "device not present error".
How can I get frodo to work, and how can it recognize games on my MMC????

Thank you very much.

Yours sincerely

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Anybody got sound working on the 7610 ?

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Now I have downloaded and installed frodo 0.51 on my N70...

downloaded the little computer people game on to my MMC ... in documents/e32frodo...

launched the game...

and it does something... and then just says READY.

Am I doing something wrong? How can I launch the game?

Thanks guys

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Just a quick question. Does this emu work on symbian 9.1 3rd phones?

Thanks..VinterKrig 1939

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Originally Posted by Nosferatu View Post
its simply Chr+4...
I agree

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Once you download both the game files and WinVICE, you have another option to run the games-

1. Double click and .d64 file and you'll get a window with two options

2. Select "Select the program from a list" and click OK. You'll be presented with a list of programs. If winvice is already on this list, go to step 4. If not, continue to step 3.

3. Click "browse..." and go through the directories to locate the x64.exe in the winvice folder (It must be unzipped before you do this step!) Click the exe and then click "open".

4. Make sure the vice emulator is selected in the program list, and click OK.

5. Now you can instantly run any .d64 game by double-clicking on it!

If a d64 file has a an individual file, which must be loaded on its own, you will need to load winvice and do the "attach disk image" routine to select that single file.

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Thanks man!

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any cheat code?


c64, frodo, games, play, tutorial

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