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Nokia N8 and iPhoto

Hi, I've been using the N8 for a week now and I happened to come across a very tiresome bug. iPhoto 11 does not recognize/show the internal storage of the N8 when the N8 is connected to my MBP13 via USB in Mass Storage Mode. Strangely, iPhoto does show the inserted microSD & I can see both the internal drive and the microSD in the Finder. So it seems more of a iPhoto bug than a N8 problem. Anyone having a similar issue?

Does your N8's internal storage show in iPhoto when connected via USB in Mass Storage Mode?

So far the only way I found of getting photos transferred automatically is by using Nokia's Multimedia Transfer App, which I'm not a fan of.

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Digging a little deeper into the issue, I created a DCIM folder on the root of N8's mass storage. Now it at least shows in iPhoto.
Furthermore, I made a symlink to the Images/camera and Videos/camera folders, but the results are not optimal.

iPhoto now shows the N8, but I don't see any images or videos that need to be imported. But I can at least easily do it manually.

To do so I go to File -> Import to Library... and select the DCIM folder which has links to all the videos and all the photos I take. It's not the best sollution, but the only one that is at least semi automatic.

how to create Symlinks on mac.

1. In Finder create a DCIM folder on root of N8's internal mass storage and in it 2 folders, one called PHOTOS the other VIDEOS. Note, you can name them anything you like, really.
2. Start Terminal
3. Have Finder open in the background and ready for drag & drop action.
4. In Terminal type: ln -s
5. Drag the Images/camera folder from the Finder to the open Terminal window.
6. Drag the previously created PHOTOS folder to Terminal window and hit enter.
7. Do the same with Videos/camera and the previously created VIDEOS folder.
8. Now you have symlinked all the photos & videos you take to the DCIM folder. So you can always import the DCIM folder.

Note the command line in Terminal should look something like this:
ln -s /Volumes/N8/Videos/camera/ /Volumes/N8/DCIM/VIDEOS

Of course any of this isn't really needed if you are prepared to use Nokia's Multimedia Transfer.

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Actually it works for me... I use the USB->Nokia Ovi Suite connection mode..
Just takes a long time to get detected

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Every time I use flash on firefox, I always have to reload the page to make anything clickable. Is there a certain plug in to fix this.


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