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Red/Green buttons no longer working

Hey Guys,
Back in Feb I had the touchscreen replaced on my N97.
Now the Red and Green buttons have stopped working.
Over the past week the phone has been performing gradually worse and worse, I've even started tracking exactly how bad - see below, but now the 2 buttons don't work at all under any circumstance - any suggestions other than a trip back to the Nokia repair guys?

26/02/10 - Upgraded to v21
No longer answer calls with the slide option as it previously would hang the phone on 50% of calls. when call ended needing to reboot with power button
01/03/10 - Black screen but powered on, could not use any buttons - remove battery
08/03/10 - Tried to Unlock and constant vibrate began, still locked - remove battery
10/03/10 - Froze while playing music, black screen won't unlock - remove battery
17/03/10 - powered off when removed from pocket - phone had previously been locked with browser open and connected
21/03/10 - powered off when removed from pocket
21/03/10 - answer calls with the slide option
25/03/10 - locked phone while using music player. Unlock failed to fully activate the screen - physical buttons worked but not touchscreen - remove battery
31/03/10 - phone unlocked and battery hot - wifi on, write msg started all in pocket - all froze - remove battery
1/04/10 - phone locked upon removal from pocket - had been hung for at least 60 mins - remove battery
03/04/10 - removed Psiloc Traveller
03/04/10 - black screen - remove battery
04/04/10 - removed 2010 F1 app
04/04/10 - created msg, could not add contact - had to reboot
04/04/10 - music app died - music still playing - had to remove battery

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seems all your problems stemmed from the upgrade to 21

have you tried a clean format of the phone yet?
....hello, N8

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So many problems can be caused by updating incorrectly.

I would recommend a hard reset (Vulcan Death Grip). See here:-

Followed by reinstalling as described here:-

Good luck!
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Cheers guys,
Haven't formatted yet - didn't want to go through the hassle if it wasn't going to fix the problem.

To be honest, only 3 freezes in over 2 weeks after upgrading to v21 I thought was great performance - shows how low my expectations are now.
But over the last few weeks it's gotten gradually worse again, so looks like I'll need to try starting fresh again.

time to reset/format/re-install/re-configure.....again

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could've been a rogue program installed. are all your programs legit? cracked/pirated programs have mostly been altered to remove activation, etc and can sometimes cause instability

i just reformatted my phone yesterday and finished reinstalling everything. this program helps, it's a mass installer, lets you choose any amount of files to install, configurable to install location too. needs to be signed
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....hello, N8

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My suggestion is to give them a piece of your mind about the constant time spent getting it fixed, any money lost and the amount of stress and inconvenience you had to go through because you were sold a faulty item. Demand a replacement phone instead of the constant hassle of getting that one fixed piece by piece. It might solve your issues.

I started out with a N97 mini and after a week I had had it switched over three times because it kept having problems (and the first two weeks of the warranty had a special clause of if it had a problem, I just took it back to the store I got it from and they would replace it once I showed them the problem) These were all software issues but I still got the phone switched over as turning it off and on again only made all the phones work for a limited time then it went back to crashing and crapping itself. After the third crapped itself over and over again, I went in there annoyed with the time wasted in that store and angry that the money I had spent had been on something that wouldn't work properly (I am a student and it was a big treat for me as I am pretty broke), and managed to bitch at them until they gave me a free upgrade to a N97, which I have had a few minor problems with but nothing too serious or persistent and no where near as often as the N97 mini's I had.

For them to expect you to reset your phone.turn it off and on/take out the battery many times a day/week/whatever is horrible customer service and shows the lack of consideration they have of their customers valuable time. Your time is too important to have to take it to be repaired constantly and to then have to suffer the inconvenience of using a different phone is lemon in the wound.

Just a piece of my mind there. Don't take their b/s.

(As long as you haven't dropped it or caused the damage yourself accidentally in some other way)


buttons, longer, red or green, working

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