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Worthy successor of p800?

Hi everybody!
I have some really sad news to report: the battery in my old trusty p800 has finally started to show its age (well, one would imagine, after nine yearsÖ) so itís time for me to retire the old chap and to buy a new phone. Why am I here you would ask, on this burning platform? In principle I have nothing against other brands, but it seems that Symbian is the still the right choice for me. I need
- good telephony / texting
- good battery life
- sturdy design
- pocketable size
- simple Google calendar + contacts sync (GoogaSync), Evernote (Notekeeper), Dropbox
- good price

I guess that nothing but Symbian fits the above list. Good Android phones are too large, WP is not yet born, and the folks at Cupertino are well-off even without my euros. Another reason for leaning towards Nokia is, of course, that was a big fan of Matti Nykšnen.

So Iím here to ask you which phone is a worthy successor of my p800, N8 (280 EUR) or 701 (230 EUR)? This time, letís say for the next five years. In any case Iím sure Iíll miss that stylus and UIQ.

Thanks for your comments.


P.S. Now that I mentioned Matty - it seems that so far Nokia's fate has been very much like the one of Matty Nykšnen's...

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701 or N8

I have both and would recommend the 701 as hardware more up to date and will get all future Symbian OS updates. N8 did not get FP1 and may not get much more improvement going forward.

The N8 has been a great device but now starting to show its age and Belle has made it obviously much slower than the newer 701 which flys with the faster processor.

If you can live with the poorer camera then get the 701 which also allows easy swap of battery so you will not get that problem again.

I admire that you stuck with the old phone for so long

Anyway, I hop that helps,


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My last login shows 31/12/2003 and likewise I've been using my P800 as my primary phone. The battery is still original "03W11" and lasts 1 to 1.5 days for a full charge since I am a light user. To me P800 is the first worthy smartphone and the best of all.

Just so you know I will be soon getting a new phone to replace my P800 as primary phone. After a full nine years it happens to run Symbian too! To me a good camera is a must. I am getting a Nokia 808 pureview.

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It really helps to hear advice from someone who actually has both phones. A camera like the one in 808 would certainly be a bonus, but then one would lose the pocketable form factor. So...I guess I'll be back in nine years and report if 701 is a worthy successor...


p800, successor, worthy

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