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Old 17-11-2009, 03:07 PM
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Well.... maybe. I'm not really convinced. An MP3 audio file is a fairly simple linear construct and I don't really see how pauses in downloading the binary could affect anything....
Steve Litchfield, Admin, AAS

Old 17-11-2009, 09:39 PM
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>>"Phone Show" thing, I download using podcasting on an N97 over Wifi (the file downloads in on go without pausing) and when I'm listening after either 3, 5, 10 or 15 mins in it starts again.

>>I'm completely at a loss to explain this. Podcasting works fine here with our podcasts. Which device are you listening on?

"I download using podcasting on an N97 over Wifi" so an N97? I sometimes use 3G but mainly Wifi. I don't leave the file open, pause it and connect using mass memory to a PC and most of the time the file is downloaded in one piece, I wouldn't be asking if it paused during download since that's bound to mess something up. Anyway I use the same app and the same connection for podcasts from other sites and it's only the AAS and the phones show chat podcasts that produce the error.. I'll keep an eye on it and drop another comment on this post if it happens again..

Old 17-11-2009, 10:49 PM
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i can honestly say that i have never had a podcast jump to the start on its own.

i enjoyed the podcast but a few comments jumped out at me as i was listening today. the first was the comment that the hero has battery life comparable to the n86 (and 5800). while i have not been using the hero, i have been using the htc magic since a little after the n97nam was released. this was the phone i bought when i was let down by the n97....with the factory rom and even with a few hacked roms that were set up to have bettter battery life i found that it would not last as long as the n86 i bought last month. i have even been using the sense ui that htc just released for the magic and once you actually start to use the device you will find the battery drops rapidly. i am a power user, so i dont expect any device to last more than 1 day, and most dont, but with the same useage the newer nokias are lasting longer.

rafe also made a comment on not liking the notifications in the taskbar in android. i love this and think it is really well done, but they do have a setting for certain things, like calendar reminders, so that the notification will take up the entire screen until you acknowlege it and either dismiss it, snooze it, or edit it. i personally like androids notification system much better, but to each his own.

you guys were also discussing how symbian is a much more powerful os and that developers can make apps that integrate deep into the os, much deeper than can be done with android. having used android 1.5 since at least july i can honestly say that with the apps that i have used i as a consumer, and also as a phone geek, cannot see the difference. the only difference that i could honestly see is the performance of the device when the processor is pushed hard. when i would listen to podcasts over a stereo bluetooth connection i would find that music would slow up just a touch if too many other processes were going on in the background. i can remember having podcasts playing in the background while nokia maps was guiding me in the foreground and never having this issue. i guess my point is that what is the benefit of having most powerful os if nobody designs apps ro run on it?

i have sold my android device and started using the e75 as i wanted something with a physical keyboard but i am anxious for a gsm version of the droid to come out with north american 3g

Old 18-11-2009, 02:09 AM
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I get the "jump" problem with the podcast restarting midway through. Downloaded over wifi via the Nokia podcast app with some "pauses" in the download.

re: Nokia Money. I agree with Ewan's skepticism, it would take a lot to get me to trust Nokia with my cash after the poor start with the OVI Store. If they are going to launch a financial service they need to do LOTS of regression testing first. Its one thing to *loose* information about a software purchase its on a different scale if they loose your bank accounts or credit someone else with a transaction. Failure in this market would incurr the wrath of the FSA not just wingey customers like me.

Old 18-11-2009, 10:53 AM
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I also get the stop & back to the start on the Phones chat, I listen to the show on my Squeezebox Boom - Podcast rss feed.



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