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9500 - 1st Impressions / Sync Issues / WLAN hmmm...

Okay, have had the 9500 for about 3 days now, and am still trying to get the Nokia PC Sync to work correctly. I am using lotus notes 6.5.1 and can get the device to sync for the initial sync but then trying to get it to reconnect is about an impossibility. I have reloaded the latest PC Sync from Nokia, and I have reset and reformatted the device to many times to count. So I am not sure why the error, if it has to do on the PC side, the device side etc. I dont see many people posting issues, so I keep thinking its me, but I am getting a little discouraged, as the other devices I have do not have these issues.

The SyncML issue is a big pain and the Nokia manual for the PC Sync states to make sure the settings are the same. Been there done that.

Do others have problems with the 9500 and Lotus? I am doing an initial large sync of 5700 contacts and about 300 appts, but it should be okay, it seems to get to the device on the 1st pass but then when I try to resync, there lies the problem.

So the device is really not usable for me unless I can get the sync working. As that is my calendar etc.

On the WLAN side, wow - I have been fighting this thing all morning and cannot get it to work on the 64 bit WEP encryption side of my home LAN. I can get it to work fine if I shut down the WEP but then whats the point. I will try at the office site tomorrow to see if I can get it to work, but havent gotten a WEP point to work with the device. Not sure if its me or the phone, but I have put about 2 hours into trying to get it to work.

On the Ebooks side, I had posted a post on reading .pdb files which is a palm format, but there is a problem, when you buy books from, then they have a special encryption on the files so Mobipocket or ereader cannot read them. I have sent them a nasty gram as when I buy an ebook, I want to read it whenever I want, not be limited to a single device.

So thats where I am at currently, watching the Nokia PC Sync transfer again another 5700 contacts to the device. in a vain attempt to see if I can get it to work.

Any advice - help - would be very welcome, as I have to get the sync working or the 9500 will go up on ebay as I have to have my calendar.



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sync of 9500, and other issues

I bought 9500. It worked Ok without any data. I entered a few few Contacts and calendar items. It was OK. Control Panel was vey slow. Then I synched with Outlook, about 2800 Contacts and 200 Calendar entries. During synch I got a phone call which I rejected. synch took 25minutes.After synch it took about 10 minutes to open Contacts. It looked fine after that. Then I searchedan event in Calendar. And, it hanged. I removed the battery, reinserted but machine bacame slow.I returned my 9500, but I want to buy another 9500 because I need keyboard and its user interface is good. My questions are: 1. Any user having problem with this size of data? 2. Any body with synch problem with this size data? 3. How do you format and reset the unit and do you need any reinstallation. 4. My unit was made in China. Anybody seen any Finland and USA make

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Hmmm - Clunky work around - really pressing this....

Okay - here is a "work" around that I am doing.

The device will sync ONLY the first time when I do the "Create new configuration" in the Nokia PC Sync - Properties. Then the device will contact the 9500 no problem and dump down the calendar.

I am not syncing the contacts, as the 9500 has the initial 5700 from the 1st dump. So I will let that lie until I figure out what is up.

So there it is, when I create the new config, it will sync and connect no problem every time.

Any advice?


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I also have problems with syncing between the 9500 and Notes (6.5.2). My cure is to reboot the PC. Also I found out that syncing over IR or bluetooth seems to work more times than syncing over the cable.

I didn't have any problems with the Notes sync per se, but the general case. Most of the times, the PC Suite doesn't see that it's connected to the 9500


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