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After 3 days tests here are the final configuration 100% working for Psiloc
EInternet with US Robotics...

Configuration Menu of eInternet (USR MODEM)

Init (reset) string AT&H0
Data init string ATZ
Fax init string AT&D2

Flow control None
(Don't Touch Advanced Settings!)

Before you connect your Us Robotics to your 9210 via NULL CABLE(see
below)+DLR2 cable(data cable of NOKIA 9110 !!.. Attention My Nokia 9210
Data cable can't work fine (drops the line!) with Null Cable!)
You need to connect your modem to a pc and edit the hardware settings of the
US Robotics modem (I guess you know how to do it)
Open your hyper terminal (from your Windows)
The correct settings are below

U.S. Robotics 56K Voice EXT Settings...

B0 E1 F1 L1 M1 Q0 V1 X1 Y1

&A3 &B1 &C1 &D2 &G2 &H0 &I0 &K0
&M0 &N0 &P1 &R2 &S0 &T5 &U0 &Y1

S00=000 S01=000 S02=043 S03=013 S04=010 S05=008 S06=002
S07=060 S08=002 S09=006 S10=014 S11=070 S12=050 S13=000
S15=000 S16=000 S18=000 S19=000 S21=010 S22=017 S23=019
S25=200 S27=001 S28=008 S29=020 S30=000 S31=128 S32=002
S33=000 S34=000 S35=000 S36=014 S38=000 S39=012 S40=000
S41=004 S42=000


Here is a schematic 100% working NULL CABLE
(9pin - 9pin)
1 - 1
2 - 3
3 - 2
4 - 6
5 - 5
6 - 4
7 - 8
8 - 7
9 X 9 (X means that you don't have to connect 9 with 9)

also I give the NULL CABLE schematic for 9pin-25pin cable
9pin - 25pin
1 - 8
2 - 2
3 - 3
4 - 6
5 - 7
6 - 20
7 - 5
8 - 4
9 X

Best Regards,

Thanassis Koustenis



100%, einternet, external, make, psiloc, robotics, work

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