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Your 2009 Smartphone Resolutions

And now, as we start 2009, how about some New Year resolutions from Ewan for the mobile enthusiast to keep their phone in the best of electronic health? It's a time for a new start, and a perfect time to clean out your 'house'. And as many of us pretty much live in our smartphones, then Ewan asks what can we do for 2009 to help out our mobiles and make sure they're in tip top condition?

Read on in the full article.

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Lots of nice tips there.

However the ultimate solution to cleaning up the device is to reformat the device and reinstall everything again.

This is indeed quite essential thing to do with devices with UDP as I've experienced several times that especially java applications have a tendency to get corrupted if installed in memory card.

(I still have some issues with one of the java applications I installed earlier, despite doing a *#7780# and *7380#, due to a corrupted memory card I bought recently)

The backup solution provided with Nokia PC Suite is quite useless to me as I've never managed to get a completely backup on my later devices (N95 and N82), just giving me error messages.

As for the storage of IMEI numbers I have a list of all owned phones both on the PC side of the AI Roboform as well as Handy Safe 5.09 and Handy Safe Pro,
the two latter ones which also is stored on my phones.

I also use the PC Sync to sync with MS Outlook as well as OVI Sync to have contacts, calendar, notes (and bookmarks) synced.

I also did use Zyb before, but after not syncing quite properly and overriding newer entries on my phone I've paused from using them.

As for the media and videos I manually go into the folders and copies them to an external harddrive for safe storage there as well as sometimes uploading them to facebook, vox, flickr and ovi share.

All in all quite backup up in any way.

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Re Thiink about your upgrades

A lot of people fall into the trap of associating a phone with a contract. I wanted to move to Voda for coverage and data package reasons and was interested in a phone that was due in 3-4 months. Instead of waiting I planned it as follows

Going through quidco got me a 90 cashback
choosing the cheapest plan that suited my call/data use I then looked for the most saleable phone available for free or small charge. This was ebay'd unopened and realised 180.
Other deal on the network plan was 6 months half price saving another 90.
Selling my 'old' N95 for 170 before the 96 hit the streets and dropped their s/h value.

so I'm sat there with 530 quid in my savings account with which to buy one sim free if I wanted. Instead I bought an e90 for 200 in the meantime as I was looking to change to a qwerty based machine knowing I'll get most of what I paid back when/if I wanted to sell it. By the time the new phone came out I'd decided I really liked the e90 so stuck with it but even if I had decided to change I would already be 4 months into the new contract and nearer to my next one.

There is always other ways to consider than those right in front of you.

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Red face Start from scratch

After removing Skyfire from my phone, my N95-3' s music player sounded awfull. Bad dynamic range, clicks and pops (like an old vinyl record). It just put me off so much I decided it was time for a new year's cleaning! After a hard reset, I installed everything from scratch and now it sounds great. Good as new!

No more Skyfire for me!

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Contracts and locking are just there to confuse people and reduce competition.

If you really want to pay for a phone in installments, buy it unlocked on shop credit. It costs the same amount in total but lets you use it on any network and also makes it much easier to sell on later.

Buying on contract is really the same thing legally as buying on credit, that's why you have to pass a credit check to get a contract, but the network contracts force you to buy a phone locked to their network.

As for buying a locked phone on pay as you go, that's just bonkers, it's pretty much the same price as SIM-free with absolutely no advantages.

Instead I bought an e90 for 200
8-o bought it second hand I assume? Or from a shop called "honest ron's back-of-a-lorry warehouse"? ;-)

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yep, s/h but in mint condition and 20 mins down the road so I could pick it up in person.

I used to be one of those who would keep a phone for teh length of a contract and then get new but then I wise'd up ;o)

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Does PIN code really help?

I never understood the point about PIN code. My phone is on all the time, for obvious reasons (need to receive calls, emalis etc), so if someone was to steal it he could run as big phone bills as he likes as long as he is careful enough not to let the battery drain before charging, since PIN is requested only at phone start-up.

Of course if I was robbed on the plane then...


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