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Originally Posted by Micky! View Post
Double tap the shift key for consecutive capital letters, and then tap it once to remove. Also, with symbols the same can be done with the blue arrow, tap twice, and you can enter numbers, and symbols consecutively, press blue arrow again to remove lock.
THANKYOU! Number entry is no longer a bitch. Also anyone got it on UK sim fre yet? *Wants update*... I'm guessing when they say back up your stuff, it won't remove anything from the mass storage section eg music?

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N97 major disappointment - had it for a month, wish i never bought it...hardware buggy - wont unlock, screen goes black, keylock slide button faulty, no tab button on keyboard plus the symbian software is totally amateurish - jerky crappy feeling - 2 second delay between pressing call button and the phone starting to make a call, woops I forgot, 2 second delay before the phone asks if you want to make a video call...before EVERY *&^%%$* call grrrrrr. And then there is the ridiculous external software, where is the synergy? are they all run by different business units in competition?? Why make you log in to Ovi, then log in to Ovi Store then log in to My Nokia then log in to Nokia Suite then log in to Nokia Music etc etc what a bad joke Now I have to wait for software fix....I think its time to insure such a valuable handset in case i accidentally throw it under a bus

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I bought the phone sim free here in Saudi and the v11 update was available straight away on 1st July. Installed and updated fine, no major drama's at all.
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Talking NAM N97 updated

phone rocks! apps load faster, left 5 apps open while using gravity and phone doesn't crash. me get an iphone? i don't think so. even the reviewer for infoworld had to grudgingly admit that the longer he used the phone, the more he liked it. as a former e90 user, i was ready to give up on the phone because it was buggy when it arrived. the firmware update changed all that, and no, the spacebar doesn't bother me at all.

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Great phone crap firmware

Why oh why did Nokia release the 'flagship' N97 in the UK on the 19th June and then withhold the firmware upgrade in our territory? Its now the 6th July and no f/w update in sight for UK customers. Was our 499 not good enough should we have paid in 's. What is the point of FOTA if the f/w is released later than everywhere else.

Also why do Nokia bother having region specific product coded phones and then expect the user to select their country and time zone?

I expect the odd technical glitch in new hardware (all companies suffer in a similar fashion) I also know that not everything can be ironed out in the lab. But if you are a company who is selling a flagship device to a certain region and you have a fix available for that device. It is just not on to restrict the distribution of that fix unless you have good reason to, and if you have good reason, then that should reasoning should be communicated to the user base.

Does anyone know when v11 fw will be available in the UK for this otherwise great phone.

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NOKIA N97 and XBOX 360

THe XBOX360 is a great console with crap hardware but fantastic software (games)

The NOKIA N97 fantastic harware but crap sofware.

Why can NOKIA make phones and XBOX 360 and leave the software to Microsoft.

My NOKIA N97 (locked to the 3 network)

My N97 is locked to the 3 Network my current Firmware is version 10.0.012

Main problems I get are the Windows Live Messenger seems to crash most of the time I open the phone.

Also If I use the Windows Live Messenger with WI-FI then the MSN will no longer work (have to uninstall it and install it again)

Waiting for the new firmware.

already on my 3rd XBOX 360 (due to hardware problems) and my 2nd NOkia N97 (due to sw problems)

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firmware update

...and still nothing on my T-Mobile white N97....but then I don't recognise most of the bugs the update is supposed to fix (7th July)

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Still nothing in the UK vodafone...

Am so pissed I got this phone, ever since I have got it I have had problems with it. The widgets dont work, when facebook does work it quite often says script error which meant I had to restart the phone. The software is jerky, a load of the applications dont work, maps hardly ever finds my exact location, just a location within a 100m. Then there are just times when it says memory full in my inbox when theres loads, and sometimes it wont let me view any photos.

Argh the list can go on an on, am so pissed i didnt get an iphone 3gs, soo pissed!! Before I got this I was 100% loyal to nokia as well!

I just hope the software update can iron out these problems because as much as I say I dislike it now there is loads of potential as well as the fact that it is the best looking phone on the market!!!

Took out insurance the other day aswell because I think that I am going to need it!!!

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Uk n97

Anyone have any idea when the new firmware will be available in the uk?

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Thumbs down

Originally Posted by xjacko View Post
Anyone have any idea when the new firmware will be available in the uk?
would it not be nice if Nokia would let us all in the UK know? They have released it in Europe so it is not as if it is code that is in development.

Come on Nokia either release the code or tell us when it will be avilable - we are fed up checking....

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Thumbs up It seems that the wait is over.....

Looks like I will be updating when I get home tonight...

thank you for finally releasing in the UK Nokia.

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I got a text message from Nokia yesterday saying that the update was now available in the UK. I could not get it OTA, but could get it via NSU. I am glad to report that it did a smooth in place update, and nothing had to be re-installed or set up following the update. It fixed at least one bug which I had noticed. Prior to the update I could not completely uninstall Twikia or Stew, but following the update I was able to.

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This is a joke

Not able to update from VodafoneUK - No OTA update available, and cannot do it by cable and SW Updater because my PC doesn't recognise it!!!.... Hmm I am thinking that Nokia is now becoming the British Leyland of mobile phone manufacturers..

..launch the product (after numerous delays) and let the customers do the testing.. then fix it sometime after...

I am slowly running out of patience with Nokia. There are other issues, not necessarily OS related such as the flash blur on pictures - caused by scratches on the lens apparently, and there is a serious problem with the GPS which a lot of N97 owners have reported but Nokia has so far managed to acknowledge... becoming a bit of a joke really...

So the conundrum... how to update my phone without WiFi, a USB cable and OTA Update..

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Orange N97 mini - no firmware

I don't think Orange will release this upgrade, as they pulled the N97 mini - is there an other way for me upgrade to the new firmware e.g. do I have unbrand the phone, and will it still work on Orange?



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