All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Anyone know if the change list has been published? Seen a couple floating around, after something official from Nokia

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got it in Australia....

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Checking on my unbranded N97 purchased yesterday in Australia, nothing available as yet. 10:40pm EST. :(

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built in messaging in s60 v5 and s60 v3 FP2

Hi there,

I just playing around with N97 (S60 V5)....its built in messanging is very good to me.
1. It can pull every 5 minutes
2. It will be grouping the email message by the I can collapse 2 days ago or yesterday emails...and only expand today emails.

Also I've tried nokia push messaging software in E71....but I don't like it at all.
Because, I can not see the message details (to check how many KB it is) and also can not mark the emails with shift + d it is so painful to choose several emails and delete the emails one by one...
Also there is no time info on each today's email.

My question is :
Does N97 built in messaging the same as in N86 (S60V3 FP2), E 75 (S60V3 FP2) and 5800 (S60 V5) ?

The built in email messaging in E71 is good but not as good & complete as N97...


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N97 firmware update

Nokia should've got these bugs ironed out of the phone prior to release, given the 500 price tag! Then to top it off, users that paid this sum (like me) do not get the firmware update right away - WTF?!?! People like me are right to be annoyed! We buy an unfinished product and then get asked to join the back of the queue to get it sorted! Nokia, you're lucky people some people are willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

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eastern iowa usa

i'm downloading update as i type; going smoothly but will report after i'm finished

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Any body know what difference ther is between uk sim free 0585162 and Euro 1 0570817 which is available?

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Any uk folks having any joy getting hold of the new firmware?

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Has anyone updated a NAM edition unit yet?

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Originally Posted by Berty View Post
Come on ladies, calm down!
PMSL! haha
Pauly says ... Smile, the world is good :-)

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I bought N97 from nokia shop in london, cant see new firmware throught NSU.

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NAM has the upgrade

It's nice to see the US first for a change when it comes to Nokia. We got the N97 before Europe, and the firmware upgrade on Day 1. Now if Nokia can convince AT&T to carry a version they could sell a bundle of these stateside.

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New N97 Firmware

I have just installed the new firmware on a RM507 and it all works fine except from locked mode when you wipe screen to answer a call, there is then no way to hang up except powering down.
Anybody else seen this or got a solution??

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OTA Update

Well I think it is a failure for nokia. Till now it is not available for middle east region.

I don't think it is a network load issue, the handset is still new and I dont they have sold more than 100k units till now. In addition to that when apple releases an update it goes gloabl and everyone know how many units apple have sold so far

So it is a failure

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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post

The space bar on the right is not a problem, I like it there. Here are my two main issues. 1: Why oh why isn't there a dedicated comma key, or at least have the full stop key as the comma key and have two spaces as a full stop? I like to put punctuation in my sentences.!$"%&??? 2: The keys are horrible to type on, they don't enough of a click to them and with some of the letters I will be unsure whether I have pressed the key down or not.

This seems badly thought out when one of the main selling points of this device is the slider and by extension the physical keyboard.
Double tap the shift key for consecutive capital letters, and then tap it once to remove. Also, with symbols the same can be done with the blue arrow, tap twice, and you can enter numbers, and symbols consecutively, press blue arrow again to remove lock.


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