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Jacek Again
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I want to upgrade my trusty E71. I really do. But I want my new phone to have at least as good screen legibility in sunlight, as small form factor, as good build quality, as comfortable d-pad, as convenient microSD card access, as capacious battery, as good macro shots, etc. I don't want to exchange those features for improvements in some other departments, which I obviously appreciate. So, after E72, this phone is another letdown for me. And I really feel that I've been waiting too long for a true upgrade.

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yes i too am left hanging on to my trusty bread and butter e71, the battery cover is hangin on, the dust under the screen makes it un readable in bright sunshine but its still the best device there is for those on the move

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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Why not make cars with 8 wheels, or even 12?

Still no real answer to the question of what the benefit of higher res screens is.
Are you being purposely dense?

Dude, the benefit is for your eyeballs. Have you tried reading/web browsing for any extended period of time on a qvga screen? That's your answer.

(The new iPod Touch with the 960x640 screen is awesome for reading. I know people who frequently read entire novels and even graphic novels on their iPhones. I plan to use Kindle books and the Marvel comics application.

Hopefully the N9 brings an e-reading solution from Nokia for that nice four inch screen; I haven't seen anything for the N8. Devices like the N9, the HTC Evo, the Dell Streak and the Droid X are now literally the same page size as a paperback novel, so there's no reason to NOT use it as an e-reader.)

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Thank you AAS for being there to tell us exactly what Nokia is selling. The Nokia shop did not have a clue.

Does it have podcasting I asked - "what is that?" was the reply and eventually I was told "no you will have to download it from Ovi". Does is have a transflective screen - what is that etc and when I suggested taking it out into the street to give the screen a try the answer was no we could not do that.

Sometimes I wonder if anyone knows anything about the products they are supposed to be selling; for that matter they seem to have no sales ability whatsoever.

Well that gripe over my main point is that it seems silly to me to give away navigation for free and then put in a screen one can only see indoors. Anyone at Nokia considered that? I did have an ETN touchscreen phone but chucked it when I could not see the maps when out walking hence my hope that the E5 with lovely buttons would do the business.

Does Nokia actually work out what people want to buy or is it all done in offices with marketing men who have no idea what the nuts and bolts of a smart phone actually are?

As a marketing man with science and business qualifications I would be happy to offer my services to put together a phone that actually does what it says on the tin - and then train the sales force to sell it properly.

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Facebook Client on E5

Good review, thanks!

I'd like to correct you a bit that pre-installed Facebook client on E5 (also it comes with C5 and 6700 Slide) and integrated with platform Contacts is actually 100% native Symbian application and it doesn't have anything to do with WRT Widgets. It doesn't wrap any widgets into Symbian code or in opposite direction. It is using totally custom UI, that's why it might look as widget, because it is too nice to be native app :-)

It's also very fast client, especially if you compare with other Nokia Facebook clients from Ovi that are actually WRT widgets that wraps Symbian daemon process.

In reply to other comment, it's probably very unlikely at the moment that this client will be available as downloadable for other devices, because of Contacts integration. Other platforms simply don't have required platform modification.

Thanks for the good reviews anyway, keep them coming!

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Smile E5 .... the most gorgeous phone I have owned till date !!

Got myself a E5 two days back from ..available in India for Rs 10990/= all inclusive. The phone is just way too good looking ......... I personally went for the chalk white for a little sporty look but the black is suave as well. THe phone is amazing with all features under the sun (well almost all) ... had been hearing loads about the screen getting washed out but I personally used it during the day as a GPS navigation instrument on the dash board of my car from south delhi to west delhi & the visibility is completely perfect (and one doesnt have to twist & turn and change angles to view the screen)..... ofcourse directly in the sun the screen gets washed out but so do most other screens. And I dont suppose one would be spending more than a few minutes roasting in the sun. GPS is awesome & works offline beautifully. Navigation is free ............. havent synchronised my emails yet. Camera is great. HOwever those who are going to buy this excellent model ...... when you log into face book make sure you do not click "upgrade the software" tab cause the moment i did that the file corrpted so keep that in mind. All updates must be routed through the software update on ovi or nokia. Just go for this beauty ....... at this price it will kick ass E72 big time !!!!!!


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