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Playlist DJ review

Are there times when you don't want to keep picking which music to play? Wouldn't it be nice if a utility picked up on your mood and automatically chose music to fit it? Playlist DJ, reviewed here by Rafe, does just that, picking tunes from the music library in your S60 5th Edition smartphone and generally helping you through the day. Best of all, it's free for the next month or so while the developers build up their song databases, so why not give it a try?

Read on in the full article.

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Tried this yesterday

I have 1600 songs on my N97 and as I started the application I realised it would take a long time to "Profile" my music.

So I started it running yesterday evening and by the time I woke up this morning it was still no where near completed, and this was over a Wi-Fi connection too.

Shame, as I did want to try this out.

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Not trying to be all "my dogs bigger than your dog" but my music library is currently 3100+ and I started the profiling yesterday morning. It profiled about half very quickly, but then it moved into a "deep profiling" process that is excruciatingly slow! I left it running overnight and it had managed to complete about 376 tracks of the 1700 or so remaining. This WILL take a long time :(

However, I'm in no rush and once it's profiled the lot, it's not going to need to do them again. I'm wondering if the process involves some kind of databasing at their end, so that the more people who use the product, the more songs will be more quickly recognised and profiled accordingly? Also, does it use the "genre" part of the MP3 tag? If so, that may account for why so many of mine need "deep profiling" as I rarely bother to use this field. Most online DB's for MP3 tags have some strange ideas about musical genre's to say the least! LOL

However, I have played with the app and the tracks it has managed to tag and it seems very good. And at 0.00 till October, you'd be daft not to grab it and at least try it.

Just be warned that the initial profiling process WILL be time consuming
Rob (aka Failed Muso)

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Yes, it seems to take a while, but I have no problem with that.
I started it yesterday evening, and out of about 4500 songs, it's now at 1300 songs left to be deep profiled, whatever that means...

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the UI is nice, and apart from the initial profilling time it is easy and quick to use.

It just seems a bit pointless. The happy, angry moods didn't really relate to the music chosen.
I suppose music provokes a rather subjective response in us, I'll just stick to shuffle.

I will applaud the developers on the idea, and the implementation even if it's not my thing.

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Great idea but doesn't work on my Samsung i8910

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Incomplete app

Great app, but seems not to recognize wma files

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Making products "Nokia only" wont do any good for Symbian - thats sad

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It doesn't work on the i8910 (already said by others). It didn't work on the 5800 XM either, until I put a sim card, even though it didn't make any use of the sim card.
Maximising "love" (the bar with the heart) it chooses, among others, Pink Floyd's "The Happiest Days of Our Lives" (from The Wall). Really?!? That's a love song?

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I'd say they have a database of songs details.

The "deep searching" is probably for songs that they don't have details for in their database and so they build up a profile and add it to the database.

They're prob giving it away free for a while in order to build up the database. We are, essentially, the willing guinea pigs.

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Thumbs up

Great article Rafe,

I downloaded it to my Nokia 5800, it profiled 4000 odd songs fairly quickly over T-Mobile 3.5G network (unlimited data package) and targeted 32 songs to do a slow profile. Not sure why 32 songs were different?

What a wonderful piece of software? I use my phone extensively for music purposes along with my Sony Bluetooth headphones DR-BT50 (soon to be replaced with Nokia BH-905 Bluetooth Headphone), and playlists at the best of time on the phone are a right old pain.

What I really like about this software is once one has chosen a mood and the list is produced and playing, you can save the as a playlist?

Ideally, what I would like to see is an option to download the playlist to a shared location to be used else where (e.g. on PC or at work or to be loaded another time when the same or similar music is on the phone), as I swap out music quite regularly.

It reminds me a bit of Lastfm or mobbler just music content from the phone instead of one large online database.

Awesome app, I definitely recommend it!

Edit: Just noticed it's now slow processing 137 songs.
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hey i ran the app.on my 5800 and it works fine. problem is that some of my songs have been.deleted from my mem card. and also the music library is corrupted and wont refresh. someone please help

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From my 3910 eaac+ files, it quickly profiled 2000 and the remaining 1910 it didn't do the deep profiling. I then found out that it only deep profiles MP3. Since I still have the mp3 files, what I tested and decided to do is:

1) delete all eaac+ from memcard
1) copy mp3 to memcard,
2) let it profile and deep profile,
3) delete all mp3,
4) copy eaac+ back to memcard,
5) let it "shallow" profile

It does work but it'll take an eternity to deep profile 2000 songs. Anyway, I'll let it doing "overnights"..

Mr. Milk

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PC Profiling

Hey, I have just found out that if you go to you can get an application that will do the profiling from the PC, instead of the cell phone. It makes life really easier as you can let the PC running with your whole library.

Mr. Milk


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