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Firmware Upgrade Experience

I want to get my firmware upgraded (i'm runing 3.16), however the only place that does it near where i live is not the place i bought it from. I also got the phone from Ebay and i have no certian 'nokia warranty' as such.

Does anyone know how much a firmware upgrade will cost (in the UK), whether they have to wipe everything from your phone and how long it will take?
I searched the forum and there's various answers ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. Can anyone confirm? Anyone upgraded firmware without warranty?

Apologies if i missed this info during my search.


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in phils. for the SW upgrade it will just cost you for about P500. that is if your phone has no warranty. however for the duration of time for the repair, it is totally dependent on the center that will do the upgrading. for sure if they dont have much work, they can do it for you in less than an hour. but if they do have pending jobs, then your phone needs to sleep in their place. it would be better if you talk to the center directly for you to avoid frustrations.
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Btw, 1 dollar is around 52 pesos... in case you wanna do the conversion! hehehe!

Firmware upgrade here usually lasts 1 hour.
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My upgrade experience


Back in January, my 7650 locked up completely and i sent it away 2 a NSC (Nokia Service Centre) 4 repair. They upgraded the firmware during the repair, and it did corrupt a few apps that I had installed (namely Pac Man :( )
Other than that, everything else remained intact.

Yesterday, my g/f and I took our 7650's 2 our local NSC 4 a firmware upgrade and screen clean up, all of which was done within an hour and free of charge (they didn't even ask 4 a receipt as proof of purchase and all our settings and data remained intact, altho' i'd recommend that u back ur phone up using PC Suite, just in case).
As far as I can tell, they can tell how old the phone is from the IMEI number. Club Nokia's helpline told me that a screen clean was not covered by the warranty, but this place did it with no questions asked. Maybe I was lucky :-?

We now both have v4.46 firmware and nice, clean screens

If u haven't already, join up 2 Club Nokia, find out where ur nearest NSC is, and give 'em a call. If they're anything like the one I used u should b fine. as long as the phone is under warranty, a firmware upgrade should b available FOC. Anything 2 get rid of the awful 3.12 or 3.16 !!!

All the best,


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about a month ago I upgraded from 3.16 to 4.39

I said the phone was blocking up all the time (ie a problem covered by guarantee).

I spent about a week looking for the invoice to prove the date of purchase, but as lovesign said, my NSC insisted on my being a Club Nokia member (another 3 days looking for the membership card) - the IMEI is just to define how long the phone has been in use for.

I rang ahead to the NSC to make sure they had updated firmware (taking nothing for granted), and that they could do it while I waited. The absolute minimum is apparently 20 mins, but allow an hour. And make sure you back up your stuff via PC suite (look for a thread started by Doc about how to make the backup include midi and java files (the file's called backupexclusionlist.dat and you simply delete the lines referring to midi files, java oplogo etc)

So I don't think you'll get any hassle


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Well i got my upgrade and it cost 15 GBP + VAT so about 17 GBP and It took about 40 mins. I know this is an old topic, just thought i'd share the experience in case anyone else wants to know!

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Both local NSC's here (one is Club Nokia 'approved', and the other isn't) did not ask for any proof of warranty or Club Nokia membership, and both did the upgrade for free.

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our Nokia Care Center here in the Phils charges $10 for the f/w upgrade and charges $3 for the screen cleaning... prices are estimates... it would be best and wise to contact ur local NSC/NCC for more details...

oh sorry... thats if your unit is NOT under warranty! If its under warranty... then all comes free!


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