All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Web Link My LONG 6600 review

Well, since there are not too many reviews of the 6600, I decided to write some words here, looking for some eluciadtion about this phone. I didn¡¦t tested all the functions, speccialy the gprs functions, because there is no settings so far for my network, and also the synchronization with outlook. So if you were looking for this two specific items, there¡¦s no need for you to keep reading. But if you want to know something else, than feel free¡K

When I first saw the phone it seemed so smaller than I thought. I thought it would be a redesigned 7650 (my previous phone), but it¡¦s smaller, and thinner. And it¡¦s noticeable. The on/off button it¡¦s made of plastic, but not the same plastic of the 3310, for example, it¡¦s a hard and very appealing plastic. It works very good.
After I turned the phone on, there is a long waiting time until the phone asks me for the pin code. But to me this is not a bad point, because the phone is a ¡§small computer¡¨ and the computers never turn on just like that. After that, everything goes fine.

The Nokia intro of the two phones, now is a full motion video. The screen helps it very much.

The screen¡K well, the first time I saw my 7650 I was amazed because it was so bright and so white, and all the colours seemed great. But when I compared the 6600 next to the 7650 I thought, oh my God.. my 7650 is so dark.. The 6600 is beyond this screen. It is very very bright and with nice colours. I never saw the sharp¡¦s gx-20. They say it is the best screen around, but I can¡¦t imagine what can be better than this¡K

When you compare the 7650 with the 6600 side-by-side the 6600¡¦s screen look much bigger, but this is just an optical illusion.

Well¡K starting to work with the phone¡K When you turn the phone on, the first time you go to the menu, it is slow. But only in the first time. Then it¡¦s just like the 7650. No problem about it. There are only a few functions that are slow, like the apps manager, and the opera browser. They are really slow. All the other functions are just a bit slower than 7650. I was worried about this issue from all the reviews I saw, but the speed is not a problem.

The Messages.

Everything is just like the 7650. You can choose where you want to place your messages (phone/mmc) and the icons are just like in everything else, different.


I¡¦m Portuguese, and as all the other latin languages we use accents in words. Like the French or the Spanish¡K. But when we wrote 1 sms using accents, it says that that sms will be 3 sms long because it uses ¡§special caractheres¡¨ this NEVER happened before with no phone, nor the 7650/3650. It¡¦s really strange that this wasn¡¦t tested by the networks here, or in other countries.

The media gallery.

This is a nice surprise for me. There was nothing like this in the 7650, and this is a very organized function. There are various folders, like tones and digital inside the sounds folder, and so on. Every media file will be here, and it¡¦s good to have it all organized. Once again you can choose between using your phone¡¦s memory or mmc. The phone came with 8 .3gp videos. But two of them are the same. The videos are clips about the applications the 6600 brings in the try & buy category, about the 6600 itself and about bmw x3.

The Log.

Just like 7650. There¡¦s nothing new or special about it.

The contacts.

Some new additions here. You can now choose if you want to see the list sorted by surname>name or name>surname. You can¡¦t assign a picture to the contacts also. In 7650 you could have a thumbnail (1x1cm) and a picture. Now all you can do is assign the thumbnail.

The Camera

Great quality. I know that it is the same as the 7650 one, but the quality is better. I don¡¦t know why, nut the sure look better. Maybe it¡¦s the screen, but there¡¦s no more blurry edges. The zoom functions is great. Really good. Just don¡¦t know with there¡¦s no more zoom than 2x. The timer function, also works ok! Still I think I saw that it was possible to change the shutter sound, I couldn¡¦t find it. The sound is a little different from 7650 but still too audible if you want to take a pic ¡§undercover¡¨. ƒº

The video recorder.

Much better than the 7650. The VR in 7650 was too slow. The video recorde in the 6600 is just like the camera. Immediate. Than all you have too chose is if you want sound, and what¡¦s the size of the video. There are only two sizes available. Too bad it¡¦s time limited, so there is no way you can record more than 9/10 sec. Can¡¦t understand why Nokia do this..

The Agenda

Just like the 7650, but the Sundays aren¡¦t highlighted. One good adition is that now when you have appointments for one day, they appear listed and you son¡¦t have to scroll the ¡§day¡¨ down to see them all. Everything else looks the same. Oh. And you can choose the sound of the alarm of the entries.

The Real One player

A normal player. You can choose the clips you want to play, the contrast, and you can also choose proxy settings to see streaming video.

The WAP Services

Nothing new here.

The Extras

Notes, Calculator, Converter, Recorder, all are the same. The clock is now a bit different, because you can choose the sound for the alarm. Since there¡¦s no light sensor like in the 7650, there¡¦s a function that tries to replace it. The ¡§Energy saver¡¨ function is something that regulates the time the light is on. It¡¦s based on whether is day or night.
The Wallet is something new. It¡¦s hard to describe it, since I didn¡¦t use it but it¡¦s use is for online transactions mainly. The Memory Card is obviously the details about the mmc.


There¡¦s no colour pallete anymore. Instead we have themes. The default is the one we all know. Blue colour. Than there¡¦s 3 other themes. Two of them blue, and one is greyish. The themes all have the same icons, but the clocks are different, as well as some network/battery indicators signs. There¡¦s also the possibility to define web addresses for downloading purposes.



Phone: You don¡¦t choose the wallpaper from here, but through the gallery. Everything else is the same.
Call, Connection, Date/Time, Safety, Call Divert, Call restriction, Network and accessories are all the same. The accessories function is different though, because there¡¦s possibility now to connect to different adapters.

File Manager

It¡¦s not as good as Handy File, but it¡¦s far better than 3650. It gives you some information, but ist¡¦s not very relevant, since the info about the media files is all in the media gallery.

Voice Commands.

Wow. It¡¦s the first time a voice command works so good. I have tried many times and it didn¡¦t worked only once. The only bad thing is that if you installed a new app it won¡¦t be possible to add it to the list. You can only add the functions already in the phone.

App Manager

Strange function. I thought this would be like the Java Apps in the 7650, but it¡¦s a bit different. This is where all the installers go. So you have here the try & buy installers and the opera, ft, cnn, and the programs you decide to install. I still don¡¦t know if this is usefull or not, because it is spending memory space apparently with no use.


Nothing much to say. There are new ringtones, and few ¡§old¡¨ ringtones from the 7650. There¡¦s also true tones, which are funny, but I still don¡¦t know how to make some more.
They all seem to be loud enough.
In the profiles you can choose also the ¡§chat tone¡¨ but I haven¡¦t saw any chat option so far¡K

To do

The same


You have the bt, ir, and modem as usual and you still have a sync app and aa connection manager. But as I said I didn¡¦t tested any of these.


Snake Ex and Mix Pix.

Other software

Apart from all this we have the Kodak software which seems to be to upload pics and then get them printed at a Kodak store. We have the HP software, to print contacts, pics, meetings, to a hp bt printer, and we have Financial Times and CNN installers to have updated news in the phone.

Try & Buy.

All this software is well explained in the Nokia web page, but there¡¦s apparently no need of the Slovo Ed Dictionary if you¡¦re not English, Italian, French or German. The Wayfinder also doesn¡¦t seem to have all the countries. At least that¡¦s what it seems from what I saw in the apps manager. And there¡¦s a 9th app called Lemonade Tycoon which is a game and wasn¡¦t described in Nokia¡¦s Press release.

Go to

What it used to be. But the apps in the phone have a ¡§Add to go to¡¨ function. I¡¦m not 100% sure they used ti have in the 7650

And that¡¦s it.

Other points of interest:

There are a few details that are very nice. The joystick is different than 7650. For me it¡¦s better. It¡¦s harder and more ¡§direct¡¨. The left soft key is never immediate. That¡¦s because the phone gives you time to choose whether you want to lock the keypad or use the app. At first you think it¡¦s the phone that is slow, but then you realise it¡¦s the phone that is very good. About the lens, and its risk of scratch.. Well¡K there¡¦s always that risk, but the phone has a tiny piece near the lens that makes that when the phone is facing up, the lens never touches the surface, avoiding scratches. Very, very good design.
The sound is great. And it¡¦s much better when you¡¦re on speaker. Very, very good.
The phone is noticeable lighter and of course it¡¦s not as light as the 7210, but it¡¦s light. The 3650/7650 owners will note the difference. You don¡¦t realise you have it in your pens pocket. One thing that worries me is the network signal. I¡¦m not complaining but it could be better.

After all this the only thing I¡¦m disappointed about is the sms bug. Nokia MUST see this. It¡¦s urgent. Sms are vital to phone users and operators.

I hope you enjoyed this reading. Sorry for any bad English.
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Thumbs down

as for the GPRS, it seems to not work on most of the networks. This is because even though the phone is WAP 2.0 complient, it does not support GPRS over WAP, which is the sollution most ISPs have. Instead, its GPRS over TCP. Same with MMS since it depends on GPRS.. Just a point I thought u might wanna know otherwise its an amazing phone
Misspelled? Impossible. My modem is error correcting.

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Thanks a lot for that amazing detailed of the really interesting points on the new 6600 ..

i have a 7650 right now and i am going to 6600 As soon i can


keep talking anything you see on your phone and enjoy it

Alejandro (AEFOX)
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N70 (6 months)
N80 (right now) and very happry user

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well. i was wrong about the themes. You now have 17 colours to choose in each theme. great!
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lots of more bugs!!

sms vibrate mode dont work if tone is : no
delivery reports sometimes plays sms tone

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You did not notice the SMS feature where in you'd just type the name?


You have kobe24 as a contact...

In the To: box, just type "k" then press the joystick then either kobe24 will appear or all contacts having "k" will appear in a list for you to select from.

Now if you are sure that only kobe24 is the only "k" in your contact, just press on the Call button then your message is away...

Where exactly is the "Energy Saver" thing???


6600, long, review

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