All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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When would n8 replacement arrive?

Overlooked n8 initially due to lack of native gmail/facebook app, went with Android instead - however was given a nice iPad over xmas, which pretty much replaced Android in usage.

Been meaning to take more photos, n8 would be a no-brainer -just wondering if I left it a bit late to buy it now? Would be strange if the replacement comes out days later.


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Nokia has not announced any N8 replacements, and there does not seem to be any internet-rumours of one, either.

The later rumours seem to be about Nokia's MeeGo (Linux) devices, and nothing about future Symbian based devices.

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The native facebook app for Android wasn't that great as of a few months back when i was last using it, pretty lousy in comparison to the iOS version.

And the email client on S^3 connects up to gmail without problems and works as well as the "native" Android client.

But as has been said, not even the vaguest rumours of a replacement or successor to the N8, but I'd be interested to see what they'd do to improve the camera. Optical zoom seems to be the most likely route, but folded optics would require a smaller sensor and hence degrade image quality. Will be interesting to see what they do.

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id say the n8 could be upgraded with following means

led and xenon flash -- videos and stills covered

1080p hd video -- will need stronger processor

more ram -- future proof the device more future apps will be more ram hungry

keep same size screen improove resoloution make battery bigger -- 1500mh battery with same size screen and higher res would be an upgrade to screen and battery life

stereo speakers -- maybe on side of device or top and bottom of device as long as it isnt at the back so it gets muffled

32gb mass memory -- would be needed if it had 1080p video

dlna/upnp -- this would be awesome even if it came to s3 in general

thats just a little list that ran through my mind instantly , i think itll be a while before we see an upgrade to the n8/c7/c6-01/e7

i would say these are the base models of symbian platform , we will then see an improoved batch between 12-18 months later , these too will probs have the same base hardware ie same gpu same cpu same ram same motherboard

this will make it easier for devs and stop fragmentation of the operating system which is happending to android quite badly at the minute and will get worse

if nokia use this approach it is very sensible and has prooved very successful with the way apple do it

there have been no internet rumours or announcements from nokia so there wont be a n8i or an uprgraded n8 very soon

go buy the n8 its a great device mate even if a better one did come out tomorrow the n8 would still serve you well specially for the 309 pounds tesco and o2 sell it for :-)

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Haha 1080p videos??? It will be the most expensive and pointless project Nokia will do to incoporate 1080p videos! Not even 32" Screens can accurately show a perceivable difference between 720 and 1080 videos. And the most experienced video geek can just about see a diference at 37". There's simply no point in that!

P.S To the OP, If you're looking for a good email client. then use Profimail. It has push email features which is compatible with gmail. So it pretty much gives you push gmail!! Also compatible with Yahoo and Hotmail (POP only tho :-( ) And the home screen and general UI is excellent!

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monty your post is very short sighted why does the 1080p video have to be shown on a phone screen??

we have hdmi if we want to show it on the fly on things like big screen tvs nd projectors where 1080p would really shine and hopefully soon we will have dlna so again it could be shared like this

this is without all the people who want their fave moments captured in the highest quality possible

yes 1080p would be pointless ona small phone screen but phones like the n8 arent just media viewing tools they are media capturing tools so you can capture things and edit them at home later on in the day etc

to me 720p is fine but i know alot of people from forums that are waiting for 1080p video recording so they can ditch their standalone digital video camera

also 1080p video will be avalible on phones from q1 this year so it isnt such a big thing it just needs bigger cpu power then nokia use at the minute to encode it smoothly

alot of 1080p phones will be popping up next year with tegra chips etc

like i say to me it isnt important but it is a way to upgrade the n8 for sure and why not when its possible , users could have options of 720p/ 1080p /30fps vga / mms / settings in video recorder options then for people its not important for like me and you we could jus use 720p

iam glad it was easy to make you chuckly by suggesting such a sensible proposistion as 1080p in mobile phones its just a shame you couldnt see past the part of just viewing them on mobile phone screens when we have hdmi out and memory cards etc and usb2go for transfering files and playing them back :-)


arrive, replacement

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