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Article NEW for S80: SunClock

Here's one for ya. An app to check which part of the world is illuminated by the Sun, and to know when the sun sets and rises. Works on all Series 80 models (9210, 9210i, 9300, 9300i, 9500).

So, what is it exactly?
It shows a map of the world with one part illuminated and one part darkened. There is also a sidebar which lets you know when the sun sets and rises, Moon illumination percentage, and also today's date.

This was a really educative project for me to learn about Symbian C++ and chronometry. I designed and coded the program in a way which enables you to run it continuously forever without going inaccurate. Well the summer time dialog goes invalid in 2050 but drop me a line if you need it extended when the time comes
The app only needs one thing before it begins to work accurately: the summer time (a.k.a daylight saving time) your country is using, if any.

Grab the SIS installer file here! - v1.02 ~750 kB

EDIT January 2, 2010:

With the year's change the month changed to January, and I discovered a significant bug in the application: when the clock reached some time (e.g. 2 p.m.), the map started drawing weirdly, leaving a gap into the daylight area, like this:

The problem only occurs in January.
Link to the new version, v1.02, is above, so get it there to get rid of this bug.
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Now it's time for an update - v1.01. The earlier version, v1.00, had a few bugs, for example the "Change region" thing didn't quite work as it works in real life But now the program takes your home location (which is set in the Clock application) and centers your position right there, so no need for the region change any more. Of course when the home city changes, the map's position changes as well.
Here's a list of changes:
- the Moon visibility widget which shows the current percentage as well
- in the Menu you can now choose if you want to view the Arctic Circle, the Tropic of Cancer, the Equator, the Tropic of Capricorn and/ or the Antarctic Circle
- sunset and sunrise times corrected a bit so when the time is e.g. 8:01, it doesn't show as "8:1" any more
- menu hotkeys
- changed the sidebar's font

  • NOTE: After you've installed the new version, the program may give you an KERN-EXEC 3 error. To get rid of this error, delete the file C:\System\Data\sunclock.ini. This error is due to BAD PROGRAMMING, and shouldn't happen in the next releases, if there are any

Grab the installer in the first message, there's also a new screenshot.
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