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Unhappy my p910i wont turn on again

hi to all im new in this forum. im a filipino.

my p910i wont turn on. i try all the suggestion that i search to web. but nothing is helpul.

this is the situation

last night i used my phone in playing games using the emulator of snes9x "hat i installed recently" for 4hrs.. i use it while i am charging the battery. then when i get bored and leave my phone alone while charging at exacly 1:30am time in the philippines. and get sleep.

then in the morning i woke up at 11:00am. and wondering why my phone dont turn the alarm on" well that's why i woke up to late. hehehe" the phone is blank. when i try to turn it on the phone still wont turn on it self. i try all the suggestion and tips that i search in the web, but nothing is helpul for me.

pls help me... i dont know how to fix it.
pls teach me how? i tried also to reformat it but eventualy the phone is not on that's why i cannot reformat it.

im wondering what is the couse of the problem of my p910i.

my mms is 64mb "couse still dont have a funding to buy 2gb mms" and it is full of mp3 it has only 3mb available space on it. my internal memory has 32mb free space base on the last time that i look at it. i intall allmy apps in internal memory couse i dont still have for now a lot of space in my external memory.

pls help.. i appriciate allof your advise and tips, i am thanking all of you for future advise.


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Lightbulb my p910i wont turn on again

Hi there...
Here are a few suggestions for you but I imagine you have tried these already!

The last time this happened to me I was lucky enough to just remove the SE MS memory card. It had become corrupted, causing the phone to lock-up and
shutdown! 'Trash it.' Do not try to reformat as it will just lock up again.

However on other occasions, temporarily removing the battery and/or sim card for 60 seconds seemed to allow a re-boot/start-up to re-commence.
(These solutions must be done with the P910i disconnected from the charger)

In my experience over the past 5 years (1xP900 / 3xP910i / 1xP990) even fully charged genuine SE batteries can loose their charge and die very quickly, if you use them for high power applications whilst charging the phone at the same. But I may have just been unlucky!

This happened to me when using the excellent 'TomTom V.5.2' Sat-Nav system (for Symbian UIQ phones) on my P910i and a Bluetooth GPS Receiver for a 1200km/10hr+ trip from North West Spain to Seville in Southern Spain via Portugal.

The battery was fully charged at the beginning of the trip, but when the journey time became extended due to traffic delays, I decided to switch to charging the P910i (at the same time) from the SE 12v in-car charger.
It swiftly killed the battery dead?

Finally you didn't mention if you had tried a new battery in your P910i. If not,
to eliminate your battery as the problem, borrow another battery of the same type and see if it breathes life back into the phone. Or be cheeky.
Go to an independent phone dealer and ask to try a new one out in his shop.



p910i, turn

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