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Is is safe to buy a N97 yet?

Hi Guys,

I'm now due an upgrade and I'm itching to get my hands on the N97. I'll probably buy it from Carphonewarehouse on Orange.

Have the GPS and Lens scratching issues been sorted out yet or are Nokia still producing faulty units?

Thanks for your help!



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No, it's not safe.

There is still not v2x firmware, so you experience the odd crash / lockup when making calls.

There is no documented fix to the lens scratching issue (other than to replace the lens cover with another that ends up getting scratched). You can fix the lens problem yourself using sticky tape, but you should not have to on such a device.

Many users are still experiencing GPS issues.

I would give it another month - at least the v2x firmware might be out by then.

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That doesn't sound good! I've just ordered a simfree N97 after itching to get it for the past few months. Looking forward to it. My first symbian phone and first Nokia since the old basic devices.

It was a tie between this and the iPhone 3gs, since I had the first iPhone aready I thought I'd try this. Sure if I don't like it I can always sell it on!

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my-symbian has released a rather comprehensive review on the N900, maybe you should look at that for a bit and then decide on the 97. 2.0 is due out this month, but none of us know yet how it'll change the 97 for the better (hopefully not worse), and with nokia's awesome update schedule, we can only guess when we'll receive it.

personally i like the fact that the 900 has 4 desktops for you to use, unlike the one in the 97. if the 97 has more desktops like the E series....mmm...

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I would just buy an iphone 3G or 3GS, kind of wish I had.

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If I had the choice between an iphone 3gs or n97, I'd go for the former. Unfortunately I'm on T-Mobile so didn't get that choice.

But you're on Orange and news has it that Orange will be selling iphones in before xmas, so maybe wait for that?!

Saying that, my Nokia is running quite well since the v12 update.
GPS is working fine too, on google maps I get a lock within seconds and using the satnav with Nokia Maps it hasn't dropped, it's a little laggy but still works fine.

So if you do want an N97, then I say go for it, running v12 chances are you'll be fine. Don't listen to all the horror stories on here as there are those that are enjoying their phones.

But as mentioned, you should take a look at the N900, that seems like a beast! I'd get that myself but without portrait operation not sure.
Also, have you considered the N97 mini, that may not have the same bugs/issues as the N97 as Nokia may have sorted them.

Unbranded/simfree Nokia N97 White for sale!!
Less than 5 months old, bought from Nokia Store Regent Street with receipt, running v12 with no major issues.
PM me for more info

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agreed. 97 mini could be another of your choice

i wouldnt recommend the iphone, really. not because of biased apple hating, just that it wont live up to your mark, im sure of it, especially when you're already thinking of getting a smartphone

the reason you see so much hate is that well, all forums are a way of venting frustration at your gadget. you know you love it though

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Get one, be prepared for it to be quite annoying but with the hope that version 2 will make it a lot better

Plus, you might be one of the lucky ones who doesn't have any trouble.

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Hi. In terms of the N97, i would perhaps agree with some of the other posts, wait til the newest FW upgrade is out then buy the phone, bit in all fairness, the v12 runs ok too.

The N900 in fairness lacks one element of performance where the N97 does do rather well at: data and voice calls at the same time. AFAIK, the N900 cannot for instance connect you to the internet and then allow you to make voice calls at the same time.

I use Joikuspot as a wifi hotspot for my laptop, and i can take incoming calls / send sms while Joikuspot is running. I believe this would not possible with the N900.
Silver E72
FW: 052.005

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Today mine has started to annoy me. Crashed 3 times already.


buy, n97, n97 lens scratch, safe

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