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Nokia Chat - IM with friend location features

Nokia Chat is a new, GPS-aware software and instant messaging service which is being previewed through Nokia Beta Labs. Nokia Chat is an instant messaging and presence application with added location features. Generic location information can be shared via your presence message, via matching GPS position with selected existing (Nokia Maps) favourite places or you can send an ad-hoc exact location as a chat message. Read on for more information, a brief review and screenshots.

Read on in the full article.

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Yay, Jabber!

Great news, Nokia are finally rolling out an open standards based IM client.

I'm a huge XMPP/Jabber advocate, user, and developer. I'm disappointed Nokia Chat won't run on my E61 and needs me to sign up for yet another Jabber ID, but as a first step it's a brilliant positive move away from the closed desert of Wireless Village/IMPS - does anyone really use the current IM client on an S60 phone? No, I thought not.

If Nokia can let you use it with any JID - Federation baby, it's the future, and it's here today - then this will be yet another killer app in the S60 armoury.

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Now this is the kind of GPS integration Im talking about!

They still need to add this feature in Maps itself though.

But excellent to see. I look forward to a 'does it all' platform for Nokias one day. On the phone, and web based.

One login to online documents, IM (on the computer and mobile), GPS (with locations, friends shared favourites, routes, etc etc), phone backups and sync, and much much more.

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Tommi Vilkamo
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Rafe, may I ask you a quick question? (I'll ask this from other folks writing about Nokia Chat too)

Why did you just link to Phil's video, instead of embedding it here?
1) I didn't realize you could embed it
2) I didn't know how to do it
3) I didn't find it worth embedding
4) Some other reason?

We are wondering are these videos worth producing systematically for all forthcoming Beta Labs apps. We assumed that sites like yours would be interested to embed them at their own sites. Unfortunately, nobody has done so yet.

What do you think, are these videos worth producing? How could we improve them (or the sharing mechanism) so that you would be interested to embed them here?

- tommi

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i somehow got the idea to register mail at, and well now it's mine.

So is a lot of spam if your not careful.

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Originally Posted by Tommi Vilkamo View Post
Rafe, may I ask you a quick question? (I'll ask this from other folks writing about Nokia Chat too)
Tommi - there wasn't any one over riding reason for this, but a couple of factors. I had written a reasonably comprehensive write up myself so didn't think embedding the video was completely necessary (i.e. how much value does it add to my post). Obviously it is a valuable resource which is why I included a direct link to it on Ovi (wanted to highlight there was a video).

I guess a part of my thinking was also that visiting the Beta Labs blog post was an essential and people would see and view the video there.

Finally (and a minor point) I haven't written the code that deals with Share on Ovi video embeds to make them viewable (or at least degrading gracefully) on the mobile version of the site. (The content is pulled from the database and configured appropriately for each version). I'm actually working on something (long term as I have a lot on my to do list) that would mean video would get used a lot more on the site in general - until that's finished video probably wont get used as much as it should. Shoot me an email if you want more details.

If I'm honest I may also have been a bit lazy. Although there's part of me that thinks it is better manners to directly link to a video rather than embed it. (I'm not consistent on this at all though). The upshot of your comment is that I'll shortly add the video as an embed on the post and will be using them if there are any more in the future (and try to better integrate them into the content flow).

From my perspective I think the video was good - its good to have something that can summarise the beta in a nice consumable piece of media. This is especially the case for the more complex betas. I might be tempted to make it a bit more descriptive. Of course maybe that's the community's role - to try and give people an independent perspective / summary on the stuff out of Beta Labs.
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On the desktop

BTW in case anyone is interested, I successfully set up Pidgin to connect to Nokia Chat using "" as the server (with SSL/TLS checked). And obviously you can add any other JID as a friend (e.g., set up microblogging alerts from

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Looks very promising, but definitely beta quality software; on my E51 it seems to cause a lot of problems with Bluetooth. I need to reboot the phone after using it in order to use an external GPS or Bluetooth headset. Anyone else seeing that, or is it because I don't have a built-in GPS that I'm seeing this?
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Smile Finding Location of chat-friend

Hai to U,

It is not aas easy to find location of a chat friend in

many chat rooms. since chat is controlled by the server.

but with this site you can find Country, City, OS, local Time. more...

It is Free to join for every one ( since it is in beta stage)

try your luck!!


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