All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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UniWar reviewed - and recommended

A java game that's essentially a cross-platform port. Doesn't sound promising, does it? Yet UniWar confounds the sceptics by being, in Ewan's words, 'faultless'. Whether playing alone or in online multi-player mode, the game looks great and has all the options and gameplay mechanics needed. Now available in the Ovi Store for both S60 3rd Edition and 5th Edition phones, here's the full UniWar review over on our Ovi Gaming site.

Read on in the full article.

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Lightbulb Crimson Fields

UniWar looks like free Crimson Fields

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why does it not work on i8910? I liked the game very much on my 5800 would be nice to play it on i8910 too

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Angry Disappointed

Yet again OVI store won't let you buy this S60 V3 software for the E90. It's a cross platform java game which I'm sure would run just fine but they won't let you.

After getting frustrated with the 9500 running S80 turning into a dead ended cul-de-sac I had thought the E90 with its mainstream S60v3 Fp1 operating system would avoid being sidelined however Nokia (and OVI) seem determined to prevent many new releases being available for their old flagship.

Having been burned twice it stopped me moving to the N900 and it's got to the point where I'll switch away from Nokia when I change this phone. Even Apple looks attractive as at least I won't be reading all these reviews of good new software that I can't install even though it is written for the same version of my operating system.

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you are so right with your statement. But i think it isnt even nokia who offers its soft to a small bandwith of devices but the developers. I cant undestand why a java game works on the one s60v5 device and not on the other... Idont want to speak about real s60 programs... Its a pitty...

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The comparison with Advance Wars (note not Advanced Wars as in your article) brings me back to something I've wondered for ages. The legacy of the Gameboy Advance means that Nintendo has bucketloads of AAA games that work perfectly on a small screen with just a few buttons and a D-pad... I don't understand why they haven't tried to leverage that in some way!

I might try UniWar as it sounds good, but comparing it favourably to Advance Wars seems too good to be true. I once missed my stop on a long-distance train ride because of the addictiveness of that wonderful game!

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A java game
I think the review is over at this point.
My Website

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The iPhone version of this game simply rocks. I've published a lot of strategy tips etc. at, say,

If the Java version is comparable and, among other things, compatible with the Phone version in multiplayer mode, then, it's a MUST buy.

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Originally Posted by Hardeep1singh View Post
I think the review is over at this point.
Well, actually, this game doesn't need speed, particularly not in multiplayer without AI. That is, it MIGHT be excellent (I haven't tested it myself yet - have spent weeks with the iPhone version though.)

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Reason for software support for certain devices

I noticed some people complaining not getting software for their older 3rd edition phones. As a developer I can give you the reason.

We have a number of games published on the Ovi Store. The games support both S40 phones, s60 3rd edition phones (basically all of them) and of course s60 5th edition phones. When looking at our sales figures divided into what phone types selss the most games, it goes like this:

s60 5th edition devices: 90 percent (5800 and N97 dominates here)
s60 3rd edition devices: 9 percent (mostly E series)
s40 devices: Less than 1 percent

Testing and generally making sure that stuff works properly an all the different devices is costly, and as our sales figures tell us, we hardly get the return on investment on the older devices in particular. That is the reason why most developers choose to focus on S60 5th edition.


recommended, reviewed, uniwar

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