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Exclamation A Gift from me to the N-Gage community: WATCH MOVIES ON YOUR N-GAGE!!! yes its free!

OK this is for all of those groups of people who either love, hate, or are bias about the N-Gage.

Hopefully more will appreciate what it can do after you all read this. Just remember that

symbiamaniac was the first ever to post this.....

As a free gift from me to the N-Gage community, here are detailed instructions i've created on how to

encode and watch ANY movie clip or full length movie on your N-Gage at the highest resolution and

color quality the game deck is cabable of......First, some quick facts to make your mouths water:

1) Encode and watch Full length movies via 3gpp media format (your realone media player will play

this perfectly).

2) Average 90min movie @ highest 15 fps in stereo is only ~50mb. So stock up on mmc cards. I

heard that the N-Gage can only take mmc cards up to 128mb. Thats a bunch of BS! I've contaced

some technical sources at Nokia and they backed me up so I installed a 512mb mmc and it works


3) Convert all the popular media types to play on your N-Gage like .avi, mpg, mov, minutes.

It took my p4 1.8ghz only about 10min to convert a 90min movie at max res.

4) So easy that even I figured it out....

OK enough already, life is to convert:

A) You will need the following to play movies:
1) usb link provided with you n-gage
2) mmc (multimedia card) with enough space for movies ~50mb = 90min
3) Now, all you have to do is download one of two applications below:

Nokia Multimedia Converter 2.0,

HELIX Mobile Producer
Sorry, i'm too lazy to provide the link....just do a search on google....Realnetworks makes it.

Nokia Multimedia converter 2.0 is a free app (thanks Nokia!!) and works just as well as HELIX

Mobile Producer (which is a 30 day trial).

B) I highly recommend the Nokia app not only because its free, but because of its simplicity. The only

other thing you need to know when converting to 3gpp format using Nokia MC is to set the fps to 15

for the highest resolution. If you're concerned about file size then, by all means go to a lower fps. The

only advantage about using HELIX (that i've seen) is that you can convert files to realmedia (.rm files).

However, its been a real pain in the you know what getting the settings right. So far i've had much

trouble converting to realmedia files and playing them on the N-Gage. It all depends on what type of

file you start out with (avi, mpg, mov, ect) and how it was initially encoded. With Nokia MC, no

matter what type of file I started out with, it had no problems converting and playing them.

C) use either of the above apps to convert your media file. again i highly recommend 3gpp format.

D) File transfer to your N-Gage is simple....
1) make sure your mmc (multimedia card, which is different than a SD card) is installed.
2) connect your N-gage to your PC via USB link
3) open windows explorer. your computer should automatically recognize that your n-gage with

mmc card installed is attached and it will show your device as an addition hard drive.
4) drag/copy your movie file to your memory card/device.

E) Now this is important!! Disconnect your N-Gage from the USB link. (game deck MUST be

disconnected in order to access the mmc).

F) open realone player, move to right tab to view contents of mmc, hit play, ENJOY!!!!

PS: praise mail is welcomed...hehe just j/k


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