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Samsung i8910 HD modding scene gets new champion

Much as All About Symbian doesn't encourage the hacking of Symbian smartphones, we do feel that the Samsung i8910 HD is a special case - a super-high-spec smartphone that has been somewhat under-curated by the manufacturer. And the device has attracted those who want to hack, not for installation of illegal software, but for genuine improvement of the device. Which is why I'm happy to link to the industrious Andy, aka 'HyperX', who has been beavering away to produce firmware HX-V3-16, details and link below.

Read on in the full article.

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I really like this. What I would like to see now is somebody to start backporting S^3 features to existing devices.

There is community interest in making the S^3 multi-page widget homescreen run on S^1, and the homescreen package owner has offered to give some pointers as to what needs to be done. There are some hurdles to overcome, but it's doable for anyone with some programming skills.

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I have been using omnia hd for past 4 months and i am using quite an older version of firmware.

But the level of support that HyperX has given to omnia users is superb.
Hats off to you guys.
Everyday i spent with this phone it comes more and more closer to me.
Thanks Everybody for taking HD from star to superstar.

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Andy/HyperX has been around for quite long now actually. He's superb with every release since day 1. Sure there have been bugs to sort out along the way, and now most of the basic things are sorted out, so he's moved on to perfecting what Samsung could have done with a lot less effort.

Full 24fps HD recording, porting over camera files from other phones, all in a neatly packaged, pre-hacked firmware file with all the possible tweaks included.

I've been on HyperX's firmwares since last christmas, and it's the only thing keeping me from changing my phone.

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I have had over the past year the i8910, N86, N97, 5800, Satio and an i900 and I am going to stick my neck out here and say that with HX V3 that the i8910 is THE best phone currently out there.

By the way, for anyone wondering. The flashing process will invalidate your warranty, however the flash app that HyperX generates is far safer and far more reliable than Samsungs crappy implementation of a software updater.



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Thumbs up

Though i8910 may have been forgetten by it's parent company to sorten out the bugs and improve the overall usability of the phone, it's really a good thing that HX stepped-in made cooked firmwares for i8910.

I was quite hesitant at first to try but been using HX since the release of 2.02 and now already updated to V3, it's getting more and more better than the previous releases.

Keep up the good deed!!!...

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Samsung's lawyers are gonna start knocking on his door soon...

...and offer him a job in Samsung! Awesome stuff, kudos to HyperX. Make Symbian proud! Wish Nokia had a HyperX haaha
....hello, N8

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I wouldn't be surprised if samsung started knocking on his door...out of embaressment..after all, andy's done what samsung couldn't.. lol. i love ythe i8910.

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There's also the other, totally unofficial, and very not available yet firmware hack.

Windows Phone 7 Series. The demo unit that Microsoft have been throwing around is an i8910.

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Clom - I don't think *that* firmware is ever going to become available

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looks good, but two problems I'm having:

1) Almost all the ringtones have been removed - how do I generate some I can stand?

2) I can't get the BBC iPlayer widget to work - it says it has installed OK but nothing happens when I run it

Any help with either of those much appreciated

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This firmware upgrade looks great and having seen samples of the video recodring, I am extremely impressed!

I have the UK Orange firmware on my i8910. If I install the HX firmware will I lose Orange Maps? I'd really like to put the firmware on as, for one, I'm unhappy with the video recorder at the moment. However, I have the Orange Maps sat nav included in my contract so it's free for me to use. As I tend to use it quite a lot and find it a good preformer, I really don't want to lose this by installing other, improved firmware such as the HX. Is there any way I can get the upgraded sound and frame rate in the video recorder, but keep the free sat nav?



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