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FileExplorer 1.10 released !

Hi to all of you,

just some few words to announce that FileExplorer 1.10 is released !!

The versions are available for download thru the 'official' site : (in the download section)

Thanks for your support,


what's new in version 1.10 :

* a message is displayed when a screenshot is saved.

* added the time in the properties of the files and the
date and time in the properties of a directory.

* the number of the last screenshot is saved and continue
with the next version (to avoid overwrtting).

* the icons associated with the files (if so) are now
displayed in the list.

* you can now turn the infrared ON from the Tools menu.

* I have improved the quality factor of the images captured
with the screenshot, the image is now captured at
176 x 208 instead of 176 x 188.

* it's now possible to run the .EXE files (not only .APP,
ex: to run console applications).

* in full screen mode, the size (free/total) of the drives is
displayed at the top of the screen if activated.

* before exiting FE, the last directory is saved for the next
use if selected in the settings.

* the network info box displays also the area id and the cell

* when exiting the editor-viewer, the previous path is kept.

* it's now possible to delete read only files after a
confirmation message.

* some shortcuts have been added :
<KeyPad 1> : copy <KeyPad 3> : PageUp
<KeyPad 4> : cut
<KeyPad 7> : paste <KeyPad 9> : PageDown
<KeyPad *> : go to root <KeyPad #> : file properties
FExplorer is my baby !
Current version : 1.13

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excellent Domi!

really appreciate your work

All the best Paul

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Paul speaks for us all. Nice one Domi!

Lee 8)
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Can someone please post a direct link to the file so that i can download using my wap connection. Well done again domi. By far the best series60 filemanager.

Old 13-06-2003, 11:50 AM
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Great Domi! Thanks!
Gotta install it when i get home. ATM i got the beta version of it and it has worked great.
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File Explorer

After installing v.1.10 I didn't see it anywhere on the my 3650..
Old version used to work fine.. :cry:

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Just thought about the same problem, but it will solved automatically after a restart of the phone.

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keep up the good work dude!!!!

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My congratulations too!!! Keep it comming....

/me downloads FXplore from
DeathMOnger (
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tnx domi!
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110, fileexplorer, released

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