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Third party applications that break the rule!

From these forum discussions and problems with different applications you have, I have the feeling that these third party applications are not made very carefully and safe. Seems that the companies hurry up with the new applications, because the pressure is high and there is tough competition.

It is not possible that an application like Space Double to not be *absolutely safe*, after all we don't want to use the same pattern as with M$ software from PDAs, when we had to make backups of the device regularly, every day if possible, do we? Or even worst, like in case of SPV that even have an OTA backup feature, where every backup cost money.

Symbian and Series 60 Nokia devices were made with this idea in mind, that the data is very safe on the device, even if the user will *never* make any backup. And even more, the Symbian OS and Series 60 are designed in that way, that the devices should be able to work a long time (even years) without switch off, reboot, reset, etc.

From where it comes this situation, with hard reset, reboot, losing everything, reinstall, backup, losing memory, etc.??? Is this why we choose Symbian instead of M$? I don’t think so! The original applications are indeed made with the idea of being very safe and memory efficient, but unfortunately, *third party applications* are the ones that break this rule! So, if you want to have a safe working phone, don’t install everything you found around on your phone!

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From my experience, most of the 3rd party applications are using methods that work OK according to Symbian guidelines but cause problems when used in Nokia 7650. This is only further emphasized by the fact that lots of these "mystery problems" are solved when firmware is upgraded.

Nokia OK certification will tell people if the software is tested against Nokia's own test cases and with every installation of a non-tested 3rd party app. there's a warning text to imply this. But I for one have been able to completely "kill" my 7650 without a 3rd party application.

So basically what I'm saying is, Nokia firmware bugs are almost as much to blame as 3rd party apps.

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I agree in one point that NOKIA has some problems in their software side....they should be investing more on that I guess...
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Those known firmware bugs will be corrected and therefore the risk of "losing everything" gets smaller. But those 3rd party applications remain. I think there is reason why there is e.g. no filemanager application in standard application set: they do not want to expose the file system to the user. But with these 3rd party filemanagers you can screw up your phone completely.

This is the dilemma between open and closed systems: with closed system you are stuck with the provided functionality but everything is safe. With open systems you can make the device to do everything you want but you must know what you're doing. This applies to both 3rd party developers and users of these 3rd party apps. You must know the API's etc. so that you can write a program that does not interfere (too much) with the system. As a user you must be aware of potential bugs and risks and choose between added value and risk of losing your data.

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Very true. But very little is realized of the true potential of the phone with just the very few standard features (Again, not without its own li'l bugs).
Yes, the initial 3rd party applications may be a bit buggy, but they sure are worth the risk, for the added value it may provide. And also they are bound to improve, as we have already seen in many applications released, and improved upon. Infact, addons were one of the USPs of 7650.
Also, luckily, most phones (7650) still being in warranty, i think its ok to be a bit adventurous at this stage.


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