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formatting phone and memory question

I have mine nokia 3650 for a week now (bought it from someone who could not get used to it… I know I can! but before I play to much with it I must understand a few basics about the memory before I can play around with applications and games…

I have tried to search some topics about this, but still some thins are not clear to me... (i have posted some searched links but still i would like an definite answer to be really sure)
[*]does formatting and resetting mean the same thing?
- this topic says that resetting means the same as formatting!?!?
[*]formatting can only be done with *#7370#? And how do u reset the phone (if it’s not the same thing as formatting?)
- is “MemphisX” right in this topic? if so what is the “abc” key
[*]When you format the phone, does it clear everything? or does it eave the basic OS in tact?
- a topic about it
- this topic says it wil leave the primary OS in tact... is this true...??
Does having old firmware, see link beneath, mean that formatting can "hurt" the phone?
- old firmware means failure while formatting?
[*]Can i put a clean backup from another nokia 3650 back into mine nokia 3650?
[*]If i would back-up my phone first an then format the phone (assuming formatting, deletes everything), and i would put the old backup back, would this make my phone faster?
[*]last question is not about, formatting but the basic phone memory, is this the 4mb which i can also use to install programs etc... or is there a separate memory available just for running the programs in that separate memory (there was a special topic about this, but i lost it... :x )
- an explanation about memory?
- a topic about memory but it did not answer my question completely
- this topic says that phone memory can be freed by formatting the phone...but is this right?[/list:u]

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Formating MMC only erases MMC contetn as the command name says.

*#7370# will erase all contents of drive C and copy the ROM drive Z to C
The booting phase takes about 30 seconds and afterwards everything looks like you turn you phone on for the first time.
Contents of the MMC will stay

RAM(~450 KByte i think) is seperate from storage space.
To get more free ram use AppMan or restart the device
(there should be no autostarted appz)
Try to install all appz to your MMC because they'll still use a bit of drive
C's space in your system directory and if you install a lot of them
you'll get problems with your phone... have phun

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Thank you GMBort !!


formatting, memory, phone, question

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