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Old 02-07-2010, 03:07 PM
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Nokia's Anssi Vanjoki says 'the fightback starts now'

Anssi Vanjoki, marking his first day as Nokia's Head of Mobile Solutions, and in the face of recent widespread criticism of Nokia's high end device performance and strategy, has come out with some hard hitting statements in a feature on Nokia's Conversations blog. He underlines the importance of Symbian for Nokia, suggests that a Symbian^4 powered Nseries device is 'a very strong possibility', says that, for consumers, MeeGo will mean having 'true computing power in your pocket' and that MeeGo gives Nokia the ability 'to take mobile technology beyond the smartphone'. Read on for further details.

Read on in the full article.

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The last person I heard talking like this was Lee Williams and till now his talk has proved to be just that, mere talk.

Lets hope Anssi Vanjoki turns out to be better.
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Unhappy Moving on from Nokia

Like so many others I have been disappointed by Nokia. I loved my E71 and was burned by the 5800 and N97. I got a N900 and while it's speed cannot be matched i want a phone that is supported by the market and is "mainstream". I was holding out hope for the N8, yet was guarded.

After reading this article my decision has been made I think. Why get a N8 only to get a phone that the market AND Nokia won't support?! Only NSeries to have Symbian^3? Then why install S^3 on it????

Time for me to move on. I am leaning towards the htc EVO.

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Farewell Nokia, at least for now

Well, it's refreshing to see Nokia trying to put a new guru in place who seems to understand the challenges Nokia faces in the rapidly changing and accelerated smartphone market. I wish them every success. But last week my eyes were opened and I've now seen real computing power in a pocket...I've been exclusively a Nokia/Symbian user for the past ten years but last week bought a MyTouch 3G Slide from T-Mobile, running Android 2.1 with all Google's integrated online apps and turn-by-turn navigation. My gosh, what a vast difference. For the entire week I've been astonished by the speed, features, availability of apps, useability and functionality of Android and the customized Sense UI. I don't mean just eye candy (though it's very cool too), I mean the entire experience. I really feel like I've been living in the Dark Ages till now and am almost mad at Nokia. They have a long way to catch up, and Google and Apple aren't going to be sitting still in the meantime. At this point it'll take a lot to make me come back to Nokia. One minor annoyance, incidentally, is the name MeeGo...couldn't they and Intel have come up with something a little more inspiring for the "fightback?" IMHO MeeGo sounds like something a small child would say. Best wishes in the fightback, Nokia, at least it now seems you're realizing your situation.

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Because other devices will have S^3 - and besides, applications written in Qt will be compatible with both versions. To be honest a don't see the argument that since the N8 is (supposedly) the last N-Series Symbian device, this is somehow some kind of drawback. Do explain, please...

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It's good that he's coming out swinging, but the talk of using Symbian^4 is a bit confusing. I thought the message earlier was pretty clear that MeeGo was the way forward for the N-Series. They'll need to clarify their messaging here for those developers who want to go beyond the boundaries of QT.

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Exclamation My true opinion

Just too late...just too late for meego to win vs android
android is now a consolidated platform, developers and users love this os, android is used by all the big company (samsung, htc, motorola etc..) each company built various models with this os and developers are so good to develop for android...else megoo will be used only from nokia that will build only 1 or 2 devices with this os at year developers so not very attracted to develop for it...and i don't hope too much in the qt's...

Android 3 this december will kill meego i'm a nokia fan but the true is that!

And about symbian? Symbian is a good os but as declared by nokia will be used only for x and c series in other words only for the mid-range smartphone

maemo = meego = not success (see the bad n900 story..)

nokia will back the queen of the smartphone market (as 2007 with n95 remeber?) only when its nseries adopting android as primary os..

Megoo symbian and other stuff just not hi end just middle range..

Just too late nokia :(

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Typical for Nokia - promises, promises... Always next year, never now.

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talk is easy and cheap, deliver a good phone is complicated and expensive; I guess we are starting with the former...:-(

"But what is consistently overlooked is that Symbian still accounts for more than two-fifths of the global smartphone market. We believe the Nokia N8 will have great appeal"
a phone with a small ecosystem is not a smartphone, it's a featurephone so drop the smartphone market share please :-(

It's very very sad for me to see Nokia in this terrible state and in hindsight adopting Android temporarily would have done less damage to the brand that this enormous whole in the portfolio.

If the right people in the right place inside the company really care about this company, I'm sure they will make the right decision...

Old 02-07-2010, 05:26 PM
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Great to see this piece by Vanjoki. I have no doubt that Nokia are on the rebound and will win at the high end, mid range, and low end. I think everyone should ignore the naysayers - whingers always shout the loudest. The loss of Symbian-Guru is pretty meaningless.

Thank God Nokia aren't going to use Android, that would have been an almighty mistake. It's nowhere near as mature or capable as Symbian and those asking for it (or jumping ship to it) are judging a book badly by it's cover and will regret their move.

Wait and see - all this talk about Nokia and Symbian being on the way out was the most utter piece of total rubbish, is a storm in a teacup, and shows the people who spout it to be ignorant in the extreme.

Nokia and Symbian will rule over the mobile market for a long time to come.

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The fight-back doesn't start now. It will start when (if...) Nokia releases competitive phones. Available on the market, not some vague promises on the internet/Youtube.
So far N8, Symbian^3, Symbian^4, MeeGo are just vapourware, years late vs. competition.

I have briefly used Samsung Wave with Bada OS yesterday and could not believe how nice it was vs Symbian^1. How is it possible for a newcomer to leap frog Nokia so quickly?

Anyway, it's too late for me, after terrible experience with 5800 I am just waiting for iPhone 4.

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Why do Nokia do everything to Slow,thats what they do All the Time,the Company that always announce mobiles to Early an Annoy its followers waiting ages for the phone to be Released,for a Example just look at the Current N8,announced in April then in June Apple release the New iPhone just 2 weeks after they released it but end of August early September the N8 will be finally Released,They were the slowest in the Touch Screen Market an still got some work to do,Slow reaction to the Potential of Apple in the Mobile Market an thought nobody could Challenge them to be put the sales an shares down,hope the Big shake up at Nokia gets them back Challenging at the Top,Symbian 3 or 4 an Meego better be Top Range mobiles that are really Outstanding from Nokia or they might be another shake up at Nokia,Also Better Screen Resolutions wanted on Nokia mobiles nowdays to challenge Apple an Samsung mobiles then there mobiles will be really Top Class

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Typical corporate press

A couple of thoughts and concerns on this press release:
- It's good that he mentions that Nokia needs to get back to number one on high-end devices. It's hidden recognition that Symbian is really not the future in that market and where Nokia needs work
- The fact that he still mentions Symbian on the N-series that contradict their own statement a few days ago just shows how all over the map Nokia still is on mobile product strategy
- The fact that he refuses to mention iOS and Android in this mobile pocket computer space he proclaims with Meego also shows the denial on how Nokia is behind, since there are cross-market products based on unified OS strategies already from Apple and on the way from Android/Google. Android Linux came from a computer OS. iOS came from OS X. He really needs to show that Nokia recognizes that there's already competition in that space, and that they will try their best to take the lead there. Powerful devices in our pocket? Apple is already moving there with huge hardware in miniature form. Android is already making the leap from phone to tablets. Why not recognize the value of a Meego tablet? Is putting a size emphasis really necessary?
- there's no doubt that N8 will be a massive hit, but that's mainly due to price point, seems like. If this was priced anywhere near Android or Apple devices, I doubt it will ever fly. And I doubt that the HW enhancements will be enough to compensate for the sub-par user experience and justify a premium. They've stated 500USD/370EUR. I'm sure that will drop, and quickly, like most other Symbian devices in the past. It's just another sign that the definition of smartphone is changing. Else why have this new "mobile pocket computing" space that Symbian is not a part of?
- It's good that Android will not come out Nokia. That means certain death to all the Ovi services they've built so far if they've adopted that strategy.


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Symbian N series

Don't know if it's only me, but the statement seems to say that there WILL be Nseries running Symbian in the future, that Symbian^4 will be used, and as no-one has seen it yet it can hardly be argued that it won't be a good OS (I have my doubts about it competing with Android and Apple) but we really need to wait and see. As for Meego, same thing, when a finished product is available and can be used, we can judge it then. I really hope the promise is fulfilled and look forward to seeing it in action, if Nokia's developers (and the whole open source community) and resources cannot develop a world 'matching' smartphone they deserve to lose out. I don't think that they need a 'worldbeater', peoples requirements are different, and so what's good or bad or best is subjective. All I want is a fast, reliable smartphone, and preferably a Nokia one. If they can't produce the goods, then I will launch the lifeboat, but I think they deserve a chance first , maybe a last chance, but a chance !

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There's S^3 now, then there's S^4 and guess what after S^4 comes S^5. Does it mean S^4 is also going to be "unsupported" because there's another version available? Of course not.

So just please stop painting gloomy images based on a number, there's going to be version after version 6 months apart so if you continue thinking like that you'll turn into madness in couple of years.

Also putting Android into Nokia phones is madness, pure madness. How is Android better than Symbian or MeeGo/Maemo? In some odd way Android that has even smaller market share than iPhone for example is considered already like a huge threat. The already sold Symbian devices don't disappear overnight, and new ones are still sold almost more than rest of the OS's combined etc. Android can gain market share, it can be even bigger than Symbian or MeeGo (or both), but there are countless of manufacturers, currently dividing the Android market share quite evenly. Where's the profits in that?

Who suggests Android for Nokia doesn't really understand mobile devices, the market and economy at all.


anssi, fightback, nokia, starts, vanjoki

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