All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Uhm is there anyone who was unable to buy mStyle because their country is not on the list where it could be sold? I just wonder why are there only few countries listed that can purchase the application? Im from the Philippines and Im so sad after I found out that I cannot buy the great tool mStyle. Is there anyone here knows when will they update and put more countries on the list of countries?
Or is there anyone here knows when would it be available in MyCommunicator software store?
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I don't know about the first point, but as to the second, they asked My-Communicator not to distribute the demo so I doubt they'll want them selling the full version for them.
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You could try contacting them and asking them to put it on Handango

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were from the philippines dude

nothing is ever available here

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It's not available in Australia either.

I e-mailed Celesta about this and they told me to speak to the Nokia Marketplace people (Digital River).

I then e-mailed the Nokia Marketplace people but have received no answer (several days now, so I probably won't get one either).

So be it - if Celesta wish to forgo a given segment of the marketplace, all the more customers for Extended Messaging, especially when PsiNT add the editing facility as they have said they will do.

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Believe me... Nokia Marketplace people sucks!!!!
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country, mstyle

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