All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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any1 here who have saved the last levels for level pack 2 of Bounce? Please send me a copy of your savedgames.ini to <!-- BBcode auto-mailto start --></a><!-- BBCode auto-mailto end --> I accidentally uninstalled my Bounce game and I dont want to repeat the whole game all over again... T.I.A.
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If you want you can 'hack' the ini-file yourself. You need an hex-editor (under Linux you can use vi(m) in combination with xxd). The ini file should read something like (in hex)

08 | 00 xx 00 00 00 yy 00 00 00 | 0a

the part between | | is repeated 4 times, xx is the level and yy is the number of lives left.

Happy Hacking


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Look here <!-- BBCode auto-link start -->http//<!-- BBCode auto-link end -->
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speaking of bounce, how the hell do i save my games? i cant seem to save level five, everytime i try to, i only end up saving the first four levelsand when i press continue i keep repeating level 5 but not saving it


bounce, savedgamesini

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