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9290 PC Suite sync problem with Outlook XP

I have Windows XP home, and Office XP. I downloaded the 9290 PC Suite, and tried to sync Outlook. The contacts sync'd ok, but the calendar sync fails and says "Communicator: Unable to open file c:\system\data\calendar".

That file is on my 9290, I can see it with the file viewer.

Can someone tell me how to get the calendar to sync?


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I had the same problem with 9210 and Windows XP. The error message was different but the result the same: calendar did not sync. The issue was service pack 1. I uninstalled PC Suite, uninstalled SP1, then reinstalled PC Suite and voilá, everything worked Later I reinstalled SP1 and everything still worked. Try it!

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Yea, thanks sto LAuRA I did the same thing and have had no problems since. I am using Office 2000 with XP Pro.

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Yippee! Thanks very much, that fixed it. I removed SP1 before the Nokia software, and I got a msg that said PC Suite for Nokia Communicator 9290 may not work if you remove this program. Interesting. Microsoft has it backwards.

Now can anyone tell me how to get the PC Suite for 9290 to work through the IR port? I'm currently using serial. I can send files to the 9290 via IR using a Windows utility. I have 2 other Nokia phones that worked fine with their PC Suites through the IR port. But the 9290 won't talk to its PC Suite via IR. I removed the other PC Suite programs before installing the 9290.

Thanks for any help.

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I found that I had to remove SP1 on my laptop to get PC Suite to work via IR. I have yet to reinstall SP1.

That said, I do not use serial on my laptop and am wondering if there might be some type of conflict when using both methods of synching on one machine with one copy of PC Suite. Is that possible?

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how do i uninstall service pack. Is there a different workaround. This is a corporate PC and it was imaged with service pack1

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cant open file c:\system\data\calendar outlook the easy fix

The EASY FIX... No service pack uninstalling! Recomended for Defective End Users (Yes I mean you)

Oh yea Nokia Tier3 my 4 year old daughter needs a job... will you hire her?

Manual Dll registering process.
Goto "C:\Program Files\Nokia\PC Suite for Nokia 9290 Communicator" folder. In that folder there is a file called Agnssync.dll. This is the dll that did not register properly when you installed the PC suite. Right click agnssync.dll and select "open with" this brings up the open with box. select the "browse" button and browse to "C:\WINDOWS\system32" and select regsrv32. You should get a box that states dll registered successfully. reboot your PC and the nokia by removing the battery and resync.

Also... If the bozos at tier3 Nokia support told you to remove the calendar file from the communicator... You might have to replace it manually

Manual Calendar replacement instructions.
Right click the calendar task and "edit task" when the box comes up it will say default calendar at the top of the screen. In that box type c:\system\data\calendar. It will ask you if you want to create the file (if it is really not there) click yes and sync your calendar!

Oh sweet relief!!!!!

Oh yeah my quote!

I am not a vegan because I love animals. I am a vegan cause I HATE plants!

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Was the directory of the calendar right in pc suite? It happened to me because pc suite had the wrong parameters to "catch" the calendar and so it didn't sync...

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I am not sure but I understand that the latest version of PC Suite corrects this problem.


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