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Hate Midnight themes on 'Anna'

Is it just me or is there anybody else who loathes the midnight themes we have had forced upon on us on the update?

I used the Nokia 'black' theme (badly named, but basically the standard green grass against blue sky theme) mainly because everything else just didn't look as nice and clean, at least to my eyes.

Anyway as I feared, the theme was nowhere to be seen on installing 'Anna'. So I had to go on look for the file manually on-line which thankfully I found. The theme works fine apart from the the new email view which for some reason seems to rendered incorrectly with the wrong colour balance.

On the screen shot included here it actually looks 10 times better for some reason then it does in real life, but the email text should not be blue, and neither the day banner, which in real time viewing is faint and hardly visible. I have tried all sort of themes and the only ones that look acceptable (in the email app) are the 'midnight' ones. Is anybody else having this issue or is it just moi???

Click image for larger version

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As for the 'midnight' themes..well I am bemused. I think they look atrocious. They all go against the design cues and theme of the phone and all the apps that are being developed for it. They could not have picked a worse 'theme' design to go with the lovely colourful 'anna' icons.

In my opinion the themes just have this awful garish 'neon' tinted gaudy effect straight from the 80's I just do not know what Nokia were thinking. I can imagine Apple are just cringing in disbelief.

Take the 'conversations app' for example. When you have say the copper or green midnight theme installed for example, it just does not fit in with the design cues of that application. You have the lovely fresh white on grey or black on white with a hint of blue on each speech bubble and then at the bottom this awful dull midnight theme which is completely at odds with the design and look of the app.

Same for the calendar view. You have all the bright highlight colours you can use to designate different calenders followed by the event that you might have listed and then sitting on top of that is this awful dull one-tone garish neon attempt at a monthly view which is again is completely at odd's with design cues of the original's just looks terrible. Can you imagine Apple doing this?

The original theme (all though not amazing) just used mainly a black background and then subtle simple use of blue, green (mainly for highlighting) and grey. Why on earth could they not have revamped this slightly?

All the fresh new apps coming out of QT like Nokia Drop are using the those same simple clean colour highlights. In fact the N9 is either white or black background with a dash of grey and use of either Orange or a nice shade of blue for highlighting etc. Beautiful, clean and contemporary.

It would have really nice to have a couple of fresh new themes to go with Anna but instead we have these..completely bonkers!

Yes i know there are tons of themes you can download but they are never the same quality.

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Yes I agree totally

I know you cannot ever accuse the main contributors to AAS `style gurus`but even in their limited style capacity you would have thought that the subject of such a miserable set of themes \aesthetic and poorly considered graphic interpretation would have been raised well before now. Not just with AAS but the emphasis over the web seems to be on a set new icons which only exist on 2 panels.


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Nokia have always bundled dodgy default themes with their phones (default theme on E71 anyone?) but there are simply too many hundreds of alternative themes to look at to get annoyed at the standard ones.

Get on to the daily mobile forums where you will find plenty.

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Conversely, I can't stand the default theme and ended up using Midnight Aqua (now called Midnight Blue) ever since the Midnight themes came out. These days I use this theme which adds Anna style icons to some third party apps.

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Thanks for the heads up Jaytay - the theme is much better - just getting rid of all those white borders makes the menus so much more viewable.


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I am a fan of the new 'silver' theme. Very clean and simple.

The other colour themes - not so much.
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Originally Posted by monkeyandweasel View Post
I am a fan of the new 'silver' theme. Very clean and simple.

The other colour themes - not so much.
I'm totally loving the midnight silver theme - agreed that its clean and simple.

I would love that with a set of totally monochrome icons.

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I have the same problem. I mostly feel that the black bottom buttons cause the phone's screen to look smaller. I too liked the original Black theme with Aqua color buttons and I'm looking for the same theme or an adaptation for Anna.

Suppa-shoppa, what theme did you download that looks like it?

Midnight Silver et al are just ok, but could be better. For example I don't like in Silver that the icons are all white. It takes a little more time to tell them appart when they are not contrasting in color.


anna, hate, midnight, themes

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