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Exclamation REQ: How To Monitor / Block / Control outgoing connections?

Greetings all Symbian specialists.

I (and I believe everybody else) need an outbound firewall.

I want to control outbound traffic and judge for myself to only allow the traffic that seems relevant to the task I demand from the program.

If it exists I can't seem to find it. Please can anyone guide me in the right direction?

Amongst all those Security packages such as Kaspersky & Co offered in the Store

is there a single Firewall that allows in dept configuration and notifies you about outbound connection to server / ip x, y, z and lets you choose wither or not to allow this connection?

On other platforms this does exist. The application Firewall IP on iOS is really primary example. It works more or less like little Snitch on OSX.
Droid at least got a UI for ip-tables: DroidWall.

What does Symbian^3 offer?

Thanks in advance...

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@ Kelliswarma: are you talking about your WIFI / LAN? -> Use WPA2 encryption to block aircrack. Should do.
Monitor connections: Install a router firmware like Tomato or setup a Linux firewall / router with extended monitoring and loging capabilities like IPCop might satisfy your need.

Now back to my original question:

Does anybody here like to share any experience on how to monitor and block unwanted and potentially dangerous outbound connections by "free & fun"apps? On Symbian(^3) devices that is.

Thank you for sharing this well kept secret nobody seems to be interested in.

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Check in manual you will find some important tips to block/control outgoing connections or you can go to your service provider to do this thing.

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Wrongly formulated question?
Wrong forum for security related questions on Symbian^3?
People are not interested in this topic?

Another example: Yesterday a translator application of 12MB that promised off-line functionality was maintaining a permanent data connection. Why? What is it doing, what is it sending and how are we supposed to tolerate this kind of behaviour?

Wake up - it is 2012, mobile is being declared the new desktop by statistics and marketing people. We need to have better than Windows 95 ("my first easy plug and play internet access experience") security measures in place.

Is it so much to ask for a firewall application that can check where to and let ME decide wither to allow this particular application to contact its server or not BEFORE it establishes the said connection?

iPhone OS has it. And needs it. But you have to jailbreak the damn thing for it. Symbian sure can do better, can't it?

Come on, Symbian ,make a last stand.


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