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Considering X6 on Three

I've been using an E71 on Three for the last 18 months and I've been really pleased with it - but it's potentially upgrade time. The E71 is good enough for me to consider keeping it and going onto a cheaper contract, but my son's nagging for it for Christmas so I'm considering an upgrade.

The obvious thing to do is get hold of an E72, but one thing I've found with the E71 is that the size of the screen and its resolution combine with my middle-aged eyesight to make it a bit of a challenge to use sometimes - my arms are only just long enough to use the Maps application for instance without my glasses on.

One option for me is the X6, which would be my first touchscreen phone, so if you don't mind I've got some questions:
1. Does the extra screen size of a touchscreen make it better for someone with eyesight past its best? In particular, on the E71 if I use Maps zoomed in far enough for me to read the road names I don't see a wide enough area for it to make sense.

2. What firmware version are 3 currently providing for the X6? I've read lots of horror stories about early firmware, and I don't want to be saddled with a brick. (The E71 wasn't perfect and has had a couple of updates, but it's the closes I've come in a long time to working out of the box)

3. Finally, I ride a motorcycle and in the winter the phone will sometimes get pretty cold (though dry). Does this affect performance of the touch screen?

Many thanks

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I have both an E71 and an X6. Whilst I cant really comment on eyesight issues, the screen on the X6 is nicer as its bigger. With it also being touch, its simple to move it around.

I dont know the latest version of fw for 3. The latest Nokia FW tho is v21

RE the cold, you need skin to touch it so if you're gloved up... you arent going to be able to play. You can get gloves that will conduct to the capacitive screen but they arent the type you want to bike in. Finland is pretty cold so its not an issue as long as its dry lol.


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