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Old 14-07-2010, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by iFanboy View Post
I highly doubt you're an iPhone user, as I've just loaded maps and double tapped to zoom in (Which yes is at a defined level, but that's the genius of the iPhone software, it's set at the perfect level you need) and to zoom back out you don't have need to tap with two fingers, simply place two fingers on the screen and then pull them off, it zooms out then!

So again, I HIGHLY doubt you are an iPhone user, try again ;-)
I am an iPhone user thanks, and what you suggest is two fingers - effectively multi-touch and the whole point is using one hand not two, and this can't be done comfortably just with the thumb so you lose. Again.

And whilst we are here, where is the consistency? If you want to zoom in (to an annoying level that somebody else has determined and is definitely not "perfect") on a photo you do a single tap, and then a single tap to zoom out again. If iPhone OS supposed to be consistent, why are these two similar operations done differently?

Old 14-07-2010, 01:47 PM
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I am so sorry for all Symbian users that need to clinch to any reason to find their own smartphone still good.
I own a N97 mini and an Ipod touch, and everytime I pass from the second to the firs one I become depressed.

Gloves? Are you able to use a touchscreen on a resistive with gloves without hitting 4 icons at the same time? So long for precision...

Let's face it: in a year or so only cheap chinese clones will have resistive touchscreens.

Old 14-07-2010, 07:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Gloves? Are you able to use a touchscreen on a resistive with gloves without hitting 4 icons at the same time? So long for precision...
hmmm, you seem to be forgetting something...

We don't use gloved hands to touch the screen! we use the stylus, of course!! - or in the case of the 'dirty environment' , ANY piece of stuff, to use as a stylus.. pen, twig, bit of plastic or metal...

even *when* they have made a cap screen as fine as resistive, with a special stylus that works on it, what happens if you lose or cannot find the stylus easily???

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Old 15-07-2010, 05:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Hardeep1singh View Post
It was NOKIA that moved the goal post by not releasing any phone with Resistive Multitouch.

The thing is, a majority of people can't even differentiate between capacitative and resistive but they sure can between single touch and multi touch. Since there are no phones available with resistive multitouch, they think its inferior.
I would like to see how a resistive screen with multitouch would be implemented. My experience with the N97 is that it is difficult to drag objects with your finger tip. I have to use my finger nail or a stylus. The pinch zoom is the only multitouch feature I'm aware of. Such a feature would be awkward to use for a stylus user.

I would like to see multitouch be available for gaming. I find it rather frustrating playing some action games without multitouch capability. For turn-based games, the lack of multitouch isn't much of an issue at all.


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