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[long] 6680 review

At last I have an 6680. Not that I had to wait several months, but the weeks that passed since 21st February and today had the same feelingÖ

Well, since there are not too many reviews of the 6680, I tried to do a review of my own, approaching the aspects that I see people are most interested in. I didnít tested all the functions, specially the network related functions (such as PTT or Video calling), because there is no settings so far for my network, and because I donít know anyone who also have a 3G handset. So if you were looking for this two specific items, thereís no need for you to keep reading. But if you want to know something else, than Iíll do my best!
When I first saw the phone it seemed smaller than I thought. I think that the phone feels smaller than 6600 (my previous phone) and itís thinner too. The square factor makes it this way. I can compare it to the 6630 only by what I saw in stores, but the 6630 is bigger. Specially because of the round bottom.Although the phone feels well built, the sliding camera cover gives it a sense of fragility. This cover may give problems in a future, but the slide mechanism is very smooth, it reminds the one used in Samsung D500. No matter what, itís very comfortable.

The chrome parts get greased very easily, but since itís not a big surface, itís not a problem. At least in my point of view.The keypad is very good, no clicks here, but the "2" key could be a little bigger. It shouldnít be so tiny, specially for people with big hands. Itís also not a major problem, and you get used to that, but itís something to look to. The directional key, I think itís not as good as the 6630, but if I have to give them points, Iíd give 100 to 6630 and 97 to this one. So itís not better, but itís not much worst.The soft keys are very large, and they feel very good.The overall ergonomics is very good, as it is with the majority of Nokia phones.

After I turned the phone on, there is a long waiting time until the phone asks me for the pin code. But itís not as much as it was with the 6600. In terms of speed, the 6680 behaves extraordinary well. Itís very quick opening the menus, applications, etc. The transition between the camera lenses is also fast. This means, that if you go to "camera" with the back lens covered, the front lens starts working. When you slide down the cover, automatically it turns to shoot whatís behind the phone, and the image becomes much better.
Regarding the 262k vs 65k issue.. Well.. itís a bit hard to evaluate this, but I think the colours are noticeable. I mean, you canít see the difference as you could between 4k and 65k (which was huge), but you can see the screen is more smooth.. The shades (specially the shades) look more natural. And Iguess this is it. I was however well impressed with the improvement of the video quality. I think the new screen is the responsible for this. Thereís not so many "pixelation" as with previous models.

With so many good things thereís what I think is a bug. The screen has several variations of brightness. Itís like you are changing the brightness of the phone automatically. First I thought it was the "white balance" thing, but ití not.. Itís random. It also happens with the keypad. Sometimes the lights are off. Sometimes theyíre on, and sometimes they seem to be fadedÖ Strange to say the least, but it doesnít ruin your overall appreciation of the phone. This phone has all the capabilities to became a best seller, and it will bring 3G to the masses. Iím preety sure about that. Letís wait and see. Nokia will sell it just like it sold 6600, or even better, depending on how much it takes to show new and better equipped phones.

Now, letís take a deep look into the phoneís applications

The Messages.

Everything is just like the other Series 60. You can choose where you want to place your messages (phone/mmc), models, reports, etc.

The media gallery.

Well, the media is different than 6600, but very similar to the 6630. You have everything there. Images, Videos, Tracks, etc. A nice thing is they are now all listed in the same folder, so you donít have to choose between phone memory and mmc memory. The files stored in the mmc card (or should I say the DV RS-MMC) are marked with the correspondent icon.

The Log.

Typical Series 60

The Contacts.

Typical Series 60. You can add the thumbnail picture, assign different ringtones, group contacts, etc. Now you also can copy the contacts to and from your memory card, which is good when you change the phone and donít want to copy all your contacts, cpecially if theyíre hundreds..

The Camera

Great quality. The zoom is smooth as it was with the 6630. I think itís basically the same thing.. The flash is good, and it really lightens up in dark situations.There's also the brightness/contrast settingsa and the possibility of give effects to the pictures. Normal/Sepia/Black & White/Negative are the available modes. The sequence mode pictures are just that. 6 pictures taken in a row.
The frontal camera, is a normal vga camera, but the viewfinder is very noisy. There's not a sharp picture here. No effects apply except from brightness and contrastÖ

The video recorder.

Here, the good thing is that you can record as much video as your memory card can hold. The reproduction quality, as I said before, seems better thanks to the 262k screen.

The Agenda

Typical Series 60. The new thing is that the items are now shown in the Active stand by screen. (Iíll talk about this later)

The Real One player

A normal player. You can choose the clips you want to play, the contrast, and you can also choose proxy settings to see streaming video or music. Itís the phoneís music player.

The Extras

Well the extras are no longer in a folder. Now we have "Office" with the list of Todoís, Calculator, Convertor, Recorder, Notes, Printing, Quickword, Quicksheet, Quickpoint, BT Keyboard and Adobe PDF. What this programs do have already been widely explained, so I wonít take more of your time with them.


Thereís 5 themes. (Pics Attached) The Nokia one and another 4 themes in the Memory Card


Inside the "Tools" folder we now have some apps that werenít there. The profiles, and the themes (used to be in the extras) for example. There is now also a Settings wizard which works well, and it Ďs basically an app that recognizes your SIM card and transmits to the phone the correct settings for mms, wap, etc

Phone Settings

Itís in here that you choose if you want or not the active stand-by screen. I think itís useful, but not very flexible. You have 2 options. 1) you have 5 shortcuts in active stand by screen; 2) You donít have a stand by screen. It works like an improved "favourites", and the 5 icons can all be customised with all the functions present in the phone. Frome Snake Ex to New mmsÖ The great thing is that even installed apps like file explorer can be assigned. Wich in my point of view is great!


Nothing much to say. The usual stuff. Thereís a lot of ringtones to choose between .mid; .aac and .mxmf


The Bluetooth worries me. Thereís a strange lack of compatibility between Bluetooth 1.1 and 1.2 I passed my contacts through Bluetooth between a 6600 and my 6680, and 40% of the time it was "impossible to connect". And thatís not due to a bt connection still active. But from the 6680 to a N-gage, I had no errors.


Snake Ex and Card Deck

Other software

Apart from all this we have the Kodak software which seems to be to upload pics and then get them printed at a Kodak store. We have the HP software, to print contacts, pics, meetings, to a hp bt printer, lifeblog, muvee, and picture/video editor.

And that's it.
Resuming.. the phone is very stable, donít have the strange restarts that early 6630 had, but the screen brightness bug is something that must be reviewed in a next firmware update. Overall the phone is very good. Quick, effective and a powerful office tool. The image capabilities are not state-of-the-art as we all know, but Iím not a 5Mega pixel phone guy, ao the 1.3 is enough for now.

I hope you have enjoyed this review.

PS. I don't send photos because there are so many photos of the 6680 that I don't know what else could I take to be original, so I send the 5 themes instead
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