All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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So Samsung and SE cutting back Symbian?

As I've posited before that Nokia were going to be just about the only contributor left for Symbian and that it was a waste of 1-2 yrs Open Sourcing it when it should have been being developed it seems to be coming to pass.

First off SE are reported as saying that they want to become the World's biggest Android vendor (good luck with that with Dell, Lenovo, etc. entering the fray) but pointedly make no reference to Symbian plans - we already know they plan to launch a WP7 device and have just made a Linux/Android variant for the Chinese market can such a small company as SE now is after cut backs support so many OS's (not to mention it's feature phone OS) and does their reduced market share warrant it? I don't believe so and we've heard nothing about any SE plans for S^3 devices at all........................
Source Business Week via Unwired View

Secondly Samsung today have stated less ambiguously that they have no current plans for Symbian devices as they see no consumer demand for them and instead are concentrating on Bada and Android. Of course being Sammie they really are basically platform agnostic and will make devices on any platform they are allowed to use and think they can sell. But it's not exactly emphatic support from another Symbian board member.
Source Reuters via Mobile Burn

So now Nokia are stuck doing all the heavy lifting developing Symbian which, being open sourced, other manufacturers who've no intention of assisting can see all their development plans in public. Nice work Nokia that really was worth wasting one and a half year's development time on, especially at a time when two new rival OS's were seriously threatening Symbian and making it look outdated (to be fair it seriously was through years under investment and complacency) so instead of throwing all your energies into to making the best OS on the best hardware your arsed around trying to get rights to OS millions of lines of code allowing Google to develop a new OS from the ground up that is taking large volumes of market share from the OS you just spent so much time open sourcing, now because of the delays and it's real and perceived faults the whole exercise is in danger of becoming an OS backwater as the newer OS's pull ahead in development and Users perception.

Symbian is permanently "catching up" with modern OS's and yet all those involved and yet all those involved seem to forget that those other more modern OS's are pulling ahead - see S^3 just launching as Android 3 is about to launch by the time S^4 appears God knows where we'll be (unless it's about to coma at Christmas at which point what's the point in buying an S^3 device).

It's almost like the World's #2 phone manufacturer set up their #1 rival to fail and waste 2 years on a dead end, they wouldn't do that surely.

Does anyone from Symbian have any knowledge of manufacturers other than Nokia bringing devices out on Symbian, or anyone from the AAS team want to refute this?


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