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Old 13-07-2010, 10:10 AM
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The main problem with the N8, is the lack of future support for Symbian^4

If Nokia came out and said that they would port Symbian^4 and all new versions of Symbian for 2 years from the release date of the phone, then more people will buy it. If you must reduce your amount of different handsets or give this support to all N series devices.
Nokia, get it right and take a leaf out Apples book and support your devices properly! Sort out the branding, so that firmware upgrades are universal and the branding is a patch, making it possible to have firmware available on all phones at the same time.

Old 13-07-2010, 10:56 AM
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i am very excited for the nokia n8, which will replace my n86

to be perfectly honest, after the n97 problems, i did not want to go into nokia again, and i was making my choice between iphone 4 and the nexus one.

after playing with an iphone and an android device for a fair amount of time i can honestly say that it felt great to be back on my n86. at first the new UI on both felt great! but after constant use, going back to symbian's UI honestly made me realize how much better it was for me. not that there was anything wrong with the other two, but for me symbian just has some sort of niche that works for me. yes its not as flashy, and the icons look out dated in some cases, but everything that i need can be done on my symbian device and then some. and it really bugs me that a lot of new phones are NOT coming with built in FM radio, and force you into larger data plans just so you can have online radio. as for the apps argument, i personally dont use many, just the social networks, youtube, and maybe...MAYBE a few small games. everything else that is worth having symbian has from the get go, and i dont think you can say that about android, iOS, and even the new bada OS....maybe windows phone 7 will impress?

in any case, i really do hope that nokia release this sooner than later, and without the numerous amounts of bugs.....and i guess i should hope that they stay true to the 370 euro, but that might be asking too much for a launch price?

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Old 13-07-2010, 01:16 PM
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Smile Small Surprise

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Yet underneath all the specs it's the same old tired UI that should have been killed off months ago.

All the specs are marketing talk. Name me one professional or serious photographer that uses their dinky mobile phone for serious work? One.

- Just expressing my opinion people. No need to flame.
Here is a little surprise (Nokia N97) :

Regards jApi NL


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