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Old 08-10-2009, 02:06 PM
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N900 has a very short battery life and is almost twice as think as the iPhone, whilst weighing 30% more. Considerable disappointment will accompany the N900 into the market place beacause people are expecting a modern light, portable phone. It's too chunky and not meant to be a carry-everywhere device.

Old 08-10-2009, 02:16 PM
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Still very happy with the E90 as a business tool. Purpose was mostly when I purchased E90 to not have to take a laptop on business travels. What I would like changed is:
faster processor
faster WI-Fi and bluetooth connection
bigger touchscreen/buttons on front (not all the "real estate" is used
better Browser with page down/up shortcuts
better camera button
email program a la ProfiMail

Old 08-10-2009, 02:48 PM
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9300i for me!

I've gone from the 9300i to now, a 5800, and also an N97, as well as an HTC Advantage. Of all the devices, the 9300i for me was the most complete device , the one that was closest to perfection, in terms of OS, form factor and UI. Nothing beats S80 for me, the menus were simple to navigate, there were hotkeys galore, Desk was customisable, it was just complete. S60 is a lightweight in comparison. And I loved the keyboard! 5 rows, all the small keys with a little hump in the middle, makes for a great keyboard! The N97s, though useable, pales in comparison.

I really think Nokia should give the E90 a last big update, perhaps in saying goodbye to it... and work on a replacement with the 9300i as a basis!

Old 08-10-2009, 05:26 PM
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Two corrections in the list sir...

1) 9300i has T9 on cover..
2) E75 has only 1000mAh battery and not 1050mAh battery...


Though I have use almost all in the list, I consider only 9300i as communicator in this list... Because of Excellent PIM, hundreds of shortcut keys as in DESKTOP, PullDown Menus, Superb multitasking even with small amount of RAM, Escape key + Menu keys, FULL usage of Screen estate, FAX, FULL 5-row keyboard, and list is very big....

Old 08-10-2009, 08:54 PM
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I always love the "such and such isn't a Communicator because..." arguments. "Communicator" is a word coined by Nokia for their own use, to describe a certain type of phone. I don't think they ever said it had to have 2 screens or a hinged screen or run a certain OS/UI, so it is whatever Nokia choose to call it.

I played with a friend's 9300 (before he moved to the Dark Side and bought an HTC Touch Pro), and was never particularly impressed with the overall feel, and it certainly didn't seem as pleasant to use as my E90, whatever the (claimed) advantages of the S80 interface.

I would have thought that there is plenty of place in the market for an E91, but I suspect that we will never see one, which I think is a great shame. I love my E90 and, after 2 years of intense use and one immersion in water, it is as good as new; there's certainly nothing wrong with the E90's build quality.

The main problem I have is being unable to update the FW to the latest v. 400.xx, as Nokia's updating mechanism is so cr*p that mine always fails; now that is something that Nokia REALLY need to look at...

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Old 08-10-2009, 09:08 PM
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The situation is SO bad that I keep thinking to revert back to my old Psion Revo+ in addition to some modern connectivity-reach smartphone with big screen and w/o keyboard (for GPS and WWW).

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Two corrections in the list sir...
Because of Excellent PIM, hundreds of shortcut keys as in DESKTOP, PullDown Menus, Superb multitasking even with small amount of RAM, Escape key + Menu keys, FULL usage of Screen estate, FAX, FULL 5-row keyboard, and list is very big....
You will wonder, but: 9300 is worst communictor I even saw due to bad keyboard, weak PIM apps, fake desktop (no file-shortcuts there), SLOW.

Originally Posted by buster View Post
The main problem I have is being unable to update the FW to the latest v. 400.xx, as Nokia's updating mechanism is so cr*p that mine always fails; now that is something that Nokia REALLY need to look at...
You missed nothing. After change of Product Code for my E90 I did successfull update. Nothing noticeable changed.

Old 09-10-2009, 02:55 AM
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Steve, why not review Nokia Communicator 9500? instead of 9300i?
well i guess the 9300i was a way newer version of 9500 and the old 9300, but at least 9500 has a vga camera =)

yea, i reckon N97 isn't a communicator, just because it has a qwerty keyboard, i don't think that makes it one

It was good back in the old days when 9300i and 9500 were the communicators with Symbian S80, coz it differentiates them from the S60 ones like 6600,7610,6630 and so on..

When E90 came out, it disappointed many S80 users, yet bring joyful to some S80 users as well..

I personally think Nokia should have improved the Symbian S80, and make it different to S60, which will make it totally unique in it's own way =)

Great review by the way

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Originally Posted by buster View Post
The main problem I have is being unable to update the FW to the latest v. 400.xx, as Nokia's updating mechanism is so cr*p that mine always fails; now that is something that Nokia REALLY need to look at...
Why not take it to a Nokia Care to get it updated like we used to do in the good old days - before NSU and FOTA came out. I am sure they will be able to do it properly.

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"Why not take it to a Nokia Care to get it updated like we used to do in the good old days - before NSU and FOTA came out. I am sure they will be able to do it properly."

That's a good point. I've never needed to do it before, so hadn't really considered it as a possibility....

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Is here Linux-gury familiar to Psion? Please let us know: are there PIM applications somehow as good as Psion was? I mean: Contacts (with custom labels, flexible display modes), Data, Calendar, Jotter, Sheet (with REAL password protection), etc. If so, seems good idea to wait and buy smartbook (one recently released by Sharp) with GSM/GPRS plugin and no more dance with Nokia.

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Form factor and wider market developments

It is clear from many people's comments, including on this excellent site, that out of the devices highlighted for comparison on the subject, the Nokia E75 appears to be a very compelling offering as a good solid all rounder. I presume given the fast moving nature of the market, and the fact that Nokia is going to be more engaged in widening Maemo within its high end smartphone range, that S60 (most effectively shown in its non touch screen guise) will remain the robust practical and efficient OS for those wanting a productive working tool right out of the box. Certainly, it is therefore best suited to the E75. It would appear that it is the excellent combination of software and hardware in the E75 S60 arrangement that will appeal to many.

However, taking the theme of this discussion to a wider level, attention to this form factor will significantly increase in 2010 with the arrival of the "smartbooks" such as Qualcomm's offerings, which will aim to bridge the gap between smartphones and netbooks. Price and ease of use (ie keyboard comfort) will determine their success. Although I don't believe these devices will seriously affect sales of smartphones or netbooks which are continually going up, smartbooks could be here to stay.

For many of us, the main issue of ease of typing. If you want a device to be productive with and give you the opportunity to do document related work clearly for long and complex activities a netbook and not a smartphone is the only way to achieve this comfortably and efficiently. However, there will be those times when the ability to input text to a useful extent in a more rapid way that the T9 keypad arrangement is welcome and designing devices that can offer this functionality remains a challenge. The communicator line, etc should be applauded for trying to address this.

Old 10-10-2009, 01:16 PM
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I Phone

I've given up my 9300i for an I Phone 3Gs with Docs to Go,
which still has nowhere near the functionality of my Psion Revo.
It's frustrating but it's Symbian'd fault. Ther's a Market for handheld computers out there and they blew it

Old 10-10-2009, 04:05 PM
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Nearly a Psion 5 with a radio

I have a UMID mBook which I thether to a phone over BT. There is a 3G version of the mBook as well but its too expensive. The mBook is slightly smaller than the Psion 5 and runs XP Pro and and very quick. See it here:

I have a black version with a 1.33 Ghz CPU from

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Old 10-10-2009, 06:45 PM
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I love, love, love the E90, and I'm going to keep using it until there's something better on the market. I've never used an S80 phone so perhaps I don't know what I'm "missing", but I think the E90's ability to work on the outer screen, flip the phone open and have everything instantly appear on the inner screen FAR outweighs any sort of PIM or "easy to use" advantages that the S80 phones might've had. S60 is more than easy enough to use, going from my E62 to the E90 took all of half a second to acclimate.

The E90 is a bit thick and a bit heavy, but it's also much narrower when closed than any WinMo slider, and it makes it surprisingly comfortable to hold while talking. Squarish phones like the E61 or Blackberrys are much less comfortable, I don't care how thin they are.

I think the dual screen clam shell form factor is perfect. The E75 with its shitty little screen and the N97 with its crap keyboard are PALE imitations of the E90's perfection. ALL sliders are flawed because the sliding mechanism takes up far too much space, and you're stuck with a tiny little 3 or 4 row keyboard.

Who would make a sliding laptop with a screen that couldn't adjust and the number row crammed into the Q-P row? Nobody. If a smartphone is trying to be a mini laptop, why should it be any different?

Last but not least, the E90 is hands down THE BEST gaming cell phone I have ever used. The E90 is a better GBA than the GBA. The big screen and the comfortable amount of space between the D-pad on the right and the left edge of the keyboard make playing Sword of Mana for hours fun instead of excruciating, as it would be on any other E series including the E75. You can have your iPhone, you can even have your nGage support. I don't miss it. Give me Quake 2, which the E90 runs beautifully.

Nokia, if you're listening, make an E95 with S60 FP2. Touch is not needed or wanted. Keep the form factor exactly the same, just give me N900 processing power, and keep the D-pad, no useless N900 arrow keys. Make the bezel around the inner screen smaller, and make the screen as big as absolutely possible. I don't care if its a bit thick or a bit heavy for the focus groups, I want a portable computer not a fashion accessory. And support for AT&T 3G would be nice. Charge whatever you want, I'll pay it.

Or, keep making phones like the E72 and N97 Mini, and my next phone will be from the first company smart enough to make an Android clam shell.

Old 27-10-2009, 08:49 PM
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Great Thread

The great beauty of the 9500 was the dual capability between the phone face and the keyboard/large display - one could easily be in the midst of a letter - spreadsheet what have you and get a call - send a text - do what ever while still keeping the other work going.

The E90 which I do love - still has it drawbacks - not the least of which as any Blackberry user will tell you is the lack of the inbox/sent box threading - This is its worst failure especially when texting .. The other stuff listed above especially the "picture button" is all true and extremely annoying.
One should be able to fire off a picture fast.

It is the only really good business phone that allows one to actually do work.
I'd love it to be wider (effectively giving more height to the internal display) - this would really allow for a larger keyboard and more screen - It would still slide in to the pocket with ease - It could then probably be a bit thinner - Not that I care about the thickness- Yes, I get comments about the clunkiness from my family - but the fact is I really can do work they can't on their crackberry's.

Wifi could be faster etc,
It really is too bad the folks (minds) around the S80 9500 efforts could not be allowed to really design a great piece of gear. They were close - I am sure the code was just way too 'worked around' to be a foundation for the future - and so the S60 (logically) was built upon - Never the less - the basis - the thinking for great dual feature sets - combining truly
multiple activities with sufficient size and scale was coming - then one gets the sense that marketing rather than business users and engineers got control of the product.

Nokia can look at the amazing piece of work that Apple did choking on the market share it is giving up daily - then can go to Blackberry seeing its lunch being eaten so thoroughly and wonder how they let it happen- they have ceded the high ground and the 'smart' customers to lower margin business.


9500, communicator, e75, e90, head, n97, nokia

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