All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Reading this makes me miss my N82! I "upgraded" to an N86. Night pictures don't even come close to what they were on that. Can hardly wait for the N8!

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Just purchased a new battery for my N82 having decided that there is nothing to replace this excellent phone. Perhaps they will make another with all the facilities of the N82 (including podcasting) and a proper flash and then add a keyboard and I will replace it (but not if it has an invisible out of doors touch screen).

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Nokia N82

Will never get rid on my N82 even if its my back up phone,No other camera mobile as beaten the N82 for night photos,o.k the buttons were a bit to small for alot of people but once you get used to using them they are very fast,i thought Nokia could have used the N82 body an camera an put in a Touch Screen lcd an made this the N82i Touch Screen mobile as its about the same size as the 5800,an because of the good name the N82 got, loads would have like this camera an xenon flash on a Touch Screen Mobile as thats whats let the 5800 down alittle the camera on it,hope Nokia do a 5 mega-pixel touch screen mobile with xenon flash on it soon

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Same here... another happy N82 user for almost 3 years. I have also an N97 mini and a X6... but, I always return to N82. Itīs robust, it works well with all software (I also have Maps 3.01.09 inside, without any problem at all) and itīs the best camera. I also desire same sort of N83, candy bar form factor, better battery, or like someone said, an E52 with the N82 camera.

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35.....Where did you get it form ?????? v35.x.002, dating from November 2009 . the last update is 31....

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A Happy n82 user

I bought my n82 almost a full year after the launch (mid 2008) as a replacement for the n73me (that is still going strong after 3 years). I experimented briefly with a Nexus One but the overall combination of features and reliability has kept me on the n82.

Some of the good things that I have found with it
- It has proved virtually indestructible, having fallen many times.
- As a camera phone, it is without parallel. The photographs from the Nexus One were nowhere as good
- The GPS is awesome. With assisted GPS, I'm able to get a position lock in less than 10 seconds most of the time
- I love the music player, especially how it seperates out the podcasts and remembers the last played position
- Everyone makes such a fuss about the next iphone's forward facing camera, but this and other Nokia's have had it for years. Before an important meeting, I usually find myself turning it on to ensure that I look presentable.

The issues that I have had with it are minor
- The earpiece speaker has stopped working. Initially, the sound was distorted and I found a crude fix for it here (, but that doesn't work anymore. I have to resort to using the loudspeaker or headphones. It's not that much of a bother as this is not my primary voice phone (Nokia 6070)
- My battery is still in reasonable shape and I get a full day out of it. The issue is that I am unable to get a genuine spare battery anywhere. The few places that stock it had unsealed pieces. Why doesn't Nokia standardize on a single battery?

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Nokia Messaging and tmobile

Nokia Messaging is pretty good on N82, unless your provider is tmobile. Nokia Email and Nokia Messaging don't work with tmobile. If tmobile is your provider, then this application will just create an email account in the standard messaging application. This leaves the poor user wondering what all the fuss is about. If Nokia treated their customers with just a little respect, then they'd at least inform the user that the application is not allowed on tmobile networks. I guess that's too much to ask. The work-around is to borrow a sim card from someone on another network. Put the non-tmobile sim card in your phone, set up Nokia Messaging, and then put your tmobile sim card back in. Voila! It works and it's pretty good.

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