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Route66 needs fixing - heres why

Route66 that comes with the 6110 navigator is not up to satnav standards in my opinion. It has some glaring flaws that make it not acceptable. I know satnav is not flawless, and should not be relied upon, but this is still unacceptable imo.

One of the biggest is the problem of it telling the driver to 'bear/turn left/right'.

The following pictures are from google earth of my route from work to home, which is just a route of little over 8km.

The red arrow shows direction of travel, and the red circles show where the problems are.

The yellow line shows my travel (its a bit out sometimes, but thats nokia sports tracker in a car for you).

In picture 1, I get the instruction to turn right (correct) then immediatly bear right (incorrect). Theres absolutly no reason for me to bear right, and its confusing to say the least. If I wasnt used to the software, I might end up turning down the next road just after the turn.

Picture 2, coming up to that turn, I get the instruction 'at the second road, take a left'. Which is wrong, as for starters it didnt tell me to turn right, and while I do have to turn left at the roundabout (yes its a roundabout, a painted one), its not the second road.

So grossly wrong there again.

Picture 3, I get the instruction to 'bear left, then immediatly bear left'. Theres no reason for this either. Again, if I wasnt used to the software or the route, I might have taken a wrong turn, most likely down that road to the left.

Picture 4, I again get the instructions, 'bear left, then immediatly bear left'. There absolutly no purpose for this whatsoever, and is extremely annoying.

In short, theres some sort of problem with route66 on the navigator (I would like to hear of anyone else using route66 version 7 on the N95 etc about this).

Annoyingly, on screen its giving the correct directions, so it definatly does not mean to turn down any of the roads you might think it tells you to. However, a satnav which means you have to watch it is useless, and dangerous especially in urban areas.

Its not just this trip either, its on all I make to some extent, Im not just using the worst possible one.

This was from a 6110 navigator with the latest firmware, and the latest maps. However exactly the same problems were there with previous firmware, and the previous maps.
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Next issue - routing

My next problem with route66 is the routing. Very often, it chooses routes which are far greater than it should be. And sometimes just inappropriate. I have made sure the settings are correct (fastest route/shortest, toll roads, etc).

This is proved when I compare it with almost anything else. Tomtom, navigon, and online routeplanners.

Arguably it still gets you there, but even without the problems of Route66 above, its enough to make me go and buy another satnav program (which I have).

Route66 have said that:

Please note that the routing problem you indicate seems to be related to the geographic database that is available for the software.

Well, cant it be improved? All the other satnavs seem to be better, as well as online route planners. As its apperently a database, it must be able to be upgraded. Having got the latest maps and its still not routing well, I am very annoyed at paying for the new maps.

I didnt ever have a problem with maps before. As far as I have seen, the maps have been just as good as many other satnavs. The problem lies in the routing and above issue.

I would like nokia to look into improving this, as the integration into the navigator is brilliant. I like the address entry, the landmarks, and just about every other bit of it. However as it does not function well in its primary purpose, I feel nokia have failed with the 6110 navigator. It has forced me to use other satnav programs when it was supposed to work 'out of the box'.

I would really like someone from nokia, or route66 to comment on this.

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