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Nokia 5530 random notifications

I've had my 5530 for a month or so and love it, except for the fact that it periodically makes a loud sound (some sort of notification) for no apparent reason. Can anyone suggest why or how to disable it?

I suspect that it is related to my network signal, at home I have poor network coverage (O2) and the 5530 appears to make the same sound when I move from an area of no signal to somewhere where a connection can be made.

But, the notification even occurs even when the phone is on my desk, or next to my bed, I get 100% signal in these locations. I must get between 5 and 10 such notifications each day.

I've updated to the latest firmware (v 20.0.080) and this hasn't made any difference.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

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I have the same problem, I think. Except I know what the noise actually is. You say it happens about 5 to 10 times a day? Would you say you get 5 to 10 e-mails a day? It could be a new e-mail coming in, if you have it set up.

Anyway, I have the same problem. My 5530 is constantly connected to EDGE, checking for new e-mails, and I don't want this as it's costing me up to 99c per day, which may not sound like much, but when you add it all up that's 30 per month, which I can't just throw away like that.

I have severed the link between my e-mails in the messaging application, but it keeps checking. In the end I deleted the connection it was using, but now a screen pops up every 10 minutes asking me to choose a connection (either WLAN or WAP), and is very annoying.

Can somebody *please* tell me if there's a way to make it stop trying to check e-mails?

PS sorry to hijack your thread, but I'm assuming we have the same problem so I thought it would be better to post it here rather than create a new thread for it.

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Thanks for responding Jafin,
I've not configured email on my device yet so it definitely isn't the source of my annoying notifications.
What is more, the random notification tone is slightly different to that which plays when I receive a SMS message, I guess email notifications would sound the same as SMS.

Regarding your problem, I noticed that I have 'Nokia Email' as an installed app, if this is the source of your problems then could you simply uninstall it?



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