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Question Problem with alarm m600i

m having prob with the alarm.

when i 1st set the alarm at 7am , it did well. but later whn i removed the tick mark from the the alarm option it still buzzed me at 7 everyday, even though it wasent activated.

n the other day i had to wake up at 5 so i did the same. n again whn i removed the marck it still wakes me up 1st at 5 n then at 7 am..
and none of the other 2 alamr option is activated.

any suggestions xcept fone's master reset?


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I have the same problem.

I have alarms going off all the bludy time now... about 3 different alarms in the morning even though none are activated!!!

It is driving me Nuts!!!!

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A friend of my has the same issue on another type of Sony Erricsson phone. So it appears not to be just a M600i issue.

I updated to the latest version of the firmware and it seems to have corrected it. I have set several different alarms to test it all and so far no problems.

Of course updating to the latest firmware totally wipes out everything you have on your phone, so make sure you do a back up before hand.

If the problem comes back then I will post ithere...

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I have a M600i and I have the same problem. Right now I have 1 alarm activated, but 3 other alarms I previously had still ring at their times. Yesterday I have updated to the last version of the firmware, and it obviously works because it erases all user settings. But once you restore your backup, those alarm settings are also restored!

A fix for this would be nice... Someway to access those ghost alarm settings...

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Alarm Problem - Possible reason

I had the same problem with alarms. Heard from my friends, p990i is also having the same problem.
I started getting this problem after changing home and/or current TIME ZONE settings.. Once u re-install the firmware, the problem will be solved. But if u restore data and if u take any settings related to time zone, the problem will happen again.
So now, I dont touch the TIME ZONE settings


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Thumbs up Problem Solved(not sure how)

I had the same problem and I set the alarm tone to silent but i wanted to check what will happen to my Calendar's reminder alarms. This is what I did

1. went to control panel -> device -> sounds and alerts and set alarm tone to silent
2. set a test reminder on Calendar(not in Alarma but Calendar)
3. when Alarm went off selected silent

After this point the phone automatically opened the Alarms and showed me my alarm which was earlier hidden (and with check box chcked) and was bothering me. I just unchecked the checkbox , problem solved!!!!

Disclaimer : I have absolutely no idea how it got fixed and not sure if same steps will work for you but no harm in trying as these do no involve any resetting of your phone.


alarm, m600i, problem

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