All About Symbian - Nokia (S60) and Sony Ericsson (UIQ) smartphones unwrapped

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Sorry I missed this thread before the article was written otherwise I'd have chipped in with my comments.

Nice article, I notice no ticks in the "Alter Snooze Length" boxes for any of the apps which is an essential for me.

I want to snooze for 10 mins like I did with my 6230i but my N73's default is set to 5 mins which is too short and I can't alter it.

I believe the most promising app for my need is "Time Machine" by Chitale Enterprises, however its not available for N73 yet - but I'm told it will be soon.


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Originally Posted by jeremyhelling View Post
Not sure if this is where I post this but I miss a couple basic functions that my previous Nokia phones used to have. One of the big ones is that I miss being able to set my alarm for a specific time in the morning and if I wake up for whatever reason some time before it's scheduled to go off and turn the phone on I do NOT want the alarm to go off early.

So, as an example let's say I have a hard time getting to sleep and decide to reset my alarm to 10:00am allowing me to get a full 8hrs of sleep. I normally would wake up earlier so when my body naturally wakes up I want to turn my phone on in case someone attempts to call or reach me at a time when I would normally be awake. I then want to go back to sleep and try to get a full 8hrs of sleep assuming nobody needs something pressing. The key here is that in order for me to sleep after I wake up I MUST return to sleep immediately or else I'm awake for the day. With my other Nokia phones I can reach over and power it on and go back to sleep and the alarm still goes off at the designated time. With my e70 though, the alarm goes off as soon as the phone boots up and I'm forced to disable it and reset it. By the time I wait for the phone to go through it's boot sequence, stop the alarm and then navigate my way through the menu to set the exact same time valuable getting back to sleep time has been lost.

I guess I don't understand why the alarm now does that and it makes no sense to me why someone would have thought that having an alarm go off prior to a designated time was more useful somehow.

So, unless I'm missing a setting somewhere, this is a basic feature of my alarm that I miss from my 6822, 6820, 6800... phones.
I may have solved my problem and it may not have been a problem of the alarm but another glitch elsewhere in the phone. Here's the thread explaining the problem I found.

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A small application, particularly focused on better snoozing experience can be found here:


alarm, challenge

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