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MooLan crashes and burns

MooLan is a new, Lunar Lander-like game for S60 5th Edition and is one of the first breed of Ovi Store-only titles. Pity it's not that deep or that good, though, as I found out in one of my shortest ever game reviews, over on AAS sister site Ovi Gaming.

Read on in the full article.

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To be fair, I think this game was done mainly as a research project into development techniques (especially using things like the proximity sensor as a controller) rather than as a commercial product.

In that sense it's a bit like The Journey, interesting as a proof of concept but a bit short. However The Journey is freeware so at least no one is losing any money by trying it...

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And I rather suspect the levels were drawn by primary school children. With the wrong hand. Whilst blindfolded.

And they may have been drinking...

I'm sure gonna miss the n95s graphics acceleration!

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But it just sucks, that the game was free in the past and with the Ovi Store they startet do want money for the "project"...

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yeah, thats true, this was free in the past... i had a free version with 3 levels, with the last being this one of the screenshot, the impossible one!!!!

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could be something

I think we'll see an avalanche of simple games like this on Ovi, ones that have minimal development cost and skimp on design and gameplay. If you improve these two even a little bit, it's certainly worth a buck/euro to someone bored and with a little cash. If you stay with an OVI only strategy and don't post it elsewhere for free, fairplay. The problem is, you can't un-ring a bell and once you set your title loose for free, people won't buy it. Those that do will feel like they got screwed if they find out after the fact.

A friend of mine created a stick-figure game for the iPhone, just black and white, no frills, and shot to #1 in the free category. Thousands upon thousands of downloads and he made a bundle by serving ads in game with AdMob.

Anyone know if this is a Flash Lite game? Sure looks it but I've heard the accelerometer on the 5800 with Flash is terrible performance wise.

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Looking at the screenshots of the latest games appearing on Ovi Store, I keep getting flashbacks to the 1980s. The words "Sinclair ZX Spectrum" come to mind.

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3? as low price? especially for this demo?

you MUST be joking. have a look at these games for 3 and you will know exactly what problem I see emerging with the OVI store

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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Looking at the screenshots of the latest games appearing on Ovi Store, I keep getting flashbacks to the 1980s. The words "Sinclair ZX Spectrum" come to mind.
Indeed, the old Spectrum with only a 3.5MHz 8 bit processor and 16KBytes of RAM had better games available that were written by teenagers in their bedrooms in between monkey spanking sessions.

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oh come on how could they charge for 3 for something like this? look at apple games u can find games from 2.99(introductory price offer for some) which go up to 9.99 these games are worth the money they are innovative, good graphics and fun to play (how it was meant to be for n-ngage) im not waiting anything good from ovi apart from 2,3 games and 4-5 applications. nokia needs to control the quality and prices set according to the app and games. in my opinion most stuff at the moment should sell for 0.99 lol. btw a good game i found on ovi was astraware westward worthed the 10euros.

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Some Background Information

For students who didn't have a lot of previous experience, it is not easy to create a game like this. I don't know exactly how much of their free time went into creating MooLan, but it certainly is *a lot*. Especially when you consider that can't be experts in every field (including testing, marketing, etc.), you'll know that it simply takes maybe hundred times as long to create graphics when you have never used a vector graphics tool before, compared to a professional artist.

In this sense, with the price of 3 and 30% going to Nokia, 20% to the VAT and (if paid through operator billing) around 50% to the operator beforehand, they will most likely not really earn money with their game. Of course, you get more gameplay for the same price when you purchase a Gameloft game. But then, small and independent developers who have to build everything from scratch would never have a chance, compared to big companies who can simply reuse the same engine in 50 games and have the proper channels to distribute the games and actually earn something.

Of course, it's unfortunate that the game was first released for free. From the feedback they've received after the initial release, they wanted to try to sell the game. However, as already mentioned in the comments, the free version was a lot smaller with less levels.

The version that is for sale now is considerably improved, not only with more levels, but also with more testing involved, improved controls and it's now properly signed and can therefore be installed right away on any compatible handset (and Symbian Signed is not free...).

But maybe the story isn't over yet - based on the constructive feedback from the review and your comments, I think they'll be motivated to update the game to improve the balancing and possibly to add a few more levels.

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This game is laughable. A game of this caliber is very simple to do if you use python for s60, which they probably did, since it includes accelerometer api's. for 3 pounds? Lol, this game just gives Ovi gaming a bad name. Even worse, they released a free version (it should have stayed free) with 3 or 4 levels and that was horrible. Looks like they did not change any stages at all, so they obviously did not take into consideration any of the feedback they received.


burns, crashes, moolan

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