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Is there a better browser/email client for 9500 ?

Hi there,

I live in the US but have a UK model 9500 with 4.44 FW I think. Nokia USA wont touch it to upgrade the firmware, and, while in the UK on holiday (I'm from the UK anyway) I put it into Carphone Warehouse to get the FW upgraded. Unfortunately the FW upgrade failed. They said they tried several times and it wouldnt take it, and I'd have to send it back to Nokia UK. Unfortunately thats not an option because my holiday was up and I had to go back to the US.

So, stuck with 4.44 FW I have had about all I can take with the incredibly slooooooooooow browser and email client. (Well, email client is fine for text mails, but for HTML mails its unacceptably slow).

Can anyone recommend if there's anythig I can do to get better performance out of the browser and mail client on 4.44 FW, or, is there a better browser or email client available as shareware or something?

Thanks a lot for listening!


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ProfiMail is a great alternative e-mail client. Been using it forever. It gives you many additional options and it's much faster than the default client. It has a different UI which can take some getting used to though. You can search for it by hitting the 'Shop' link at the top of the page.

As for browsers, Opera Mini is OK - and it's free (try It is faster than the default Opera browser, but it is a Java app with a somewhat annoying UI, and some options are missing.
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Thank you very much Raven! I will give those both a try!

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I tried out ProfiMail - it works REALLY well. I will definitely register it!
It's ironic, I had previously tried ProfiMail on a HP iPaq pocketpc, but found it to be excruciatingly slow when reading HTML mail (to the point where I thought my device had crashed) but on the 9500 it runs really well!!

The only downside is that it doesnt support Japanese display, (for which I have Crystal PsiLoc installed) but hey most of the email I get in Japanese is spam anyway! If I really need to read a Japanese email, I can use the built-in client.

As for Opera Mini, it seems pretty cool too! And it DOES support Japanese!
The interface and layout will take some getting used to, but it is definitely quicker than the built-in web browser!

Thanks again Raven!



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