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Review: Opera Mobile 10 (beta)

As we posted earlier this week, Opera has released Opera Mobile 10 in beta form, a full S60-native alternative web browser to the S60 Webkit version. Ewan's been trying it out on some of his favourite sites and here's his illustrated review. Comments welcome. He'll be revisiting Opera Mobile 10 when the app finally comes out of beta.

Read on in the full article.

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Thumbs up ACID Test on n85!!!!

hi there, did the acid test on my n85.....
opera 10 scored 100/100..... wow .....
the default browser was unable to perform any test!!!!!......

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I have been using Opera Mobile on my N97 since monday and I have to say it is FAB, FAB, FAB!

By a huge margin I have found it the best mobile browser available for S60 5th (and I guess the other varients) and it's FREE!

You would seriously CRAZY not to install this! Love it :-)
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no dictionary

also need t9 support!!!

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T9 is available if you turn off in-line editing in advanced preferences. I have to agree that Opera Mobile is very very impressive. And with Turbo, it beats all other browsers available for symbian in terms of usability.

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Constant out of memory error on my Nokia N80. Sucks that Nokia doesn't do OS updates, it might have worked better with FP1 or FP2 but still 64MB ram is quite little.

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how come we all get different scores with it? I run it on i8910hd and got 99 score.
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Sam Stokes
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On my E71 - where the Nokia browser is so slow to load most pages as to be almost unusable - Opera Mobile 10 is a godsend. Previously I was using a combination of Opera Mini (for reading articles, e.g. via links from Gravity) and the Nokia browser (when I needed Javascript support, and for those sites I knew to be very lightweight - Hacker News, mobile sites, etc). Now I can just use Opera Mobile for everything. And it has tabbed browsing!

The memory usage is high, although I usually have several apps open and haven't got many "out of memory" errors yet, even with a couple of tabs open.

My main gripe is that it doesn't allow copy and paste in the address bar and web forms unless you disable "Inline Editing" in the settings (so that instead it pops up an ugly native S60 text box every time you want to enter a URL).

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Hopefully, this will be free even the full release. May be because of added Google bar or preloaded speed dial?

I remembered that previous Opera Mobile for S60 costs a lot

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T9 / Predictive Text - further info

(and @ Ewan here, for far too LITTLE mention of this, given his use of a 5800, and then a Qwerty device - winks at Ewan).

Let me say in simple terms, the biggest single thing that makes an otherwise superb browser that this is, completely useless to me, save as for a fall-back option, is indeed the text entry method issue.

Out of the box, T9 is indeed not possible.

And say what you will, when trying to send the shortest of comments to a friend's Facebook Status recently, I realised oh so very very quickly exactly why it is at least four years since I ever used multi-tap.

It took me a LIFETIME to enter it all in via multi-tap. Good lord, how bad.

So then I did a lot of research, and found that you can indeed "fudge" a way round this.

If you go into Settings, Advance Settings, and turn OFF "in-line editing", then you can sort of use T9.

Why do I say "sort of" ?

Because when you do this, from then on, when you click to fill in the dialogue, comment, or form field boxes on web pages, with textual data, you DON'T... it doesn't fill them in the box - it instead now brings up an O.S. based/styled entry box, much like the one you would see on your phone when being asked to enter your PIN number on boot-up.

And this will allow T9 entry, whereby the box itself will expand as needed.

And I have to say, this is wholly counter-productive, very confusing, and not very user friendly.

But as if that wasn't bad enough, a more real consideration here...

Whilst it gives you a kind of T9, it is NOT consist with behaviour across the rest of the O.S., as when you finish a sentence, enter a full stop and a space, and then type the first letter of the next sentence, it does NOT self-capitalise the letter, as it SHOULD do.

So as a result, you either use it at reasonable speed, and have wrong grammar, with no capital letters anywhere.

Or you MANUALLY remember to enter a new capital letter at the start of each sentence (usually by having to go back, AFTER you realise it forgot to), and as a result, end up with a typing speed that is marginally any faster than the horrible multi-tap referred to earlier.

So for those saying "you can turn on T9" - at least be realistic as to how it works, the issues, and the limitations to it.

And bearing these in mind, the end result is a Browser superb in most every other way, but that completely rules itself out as my main browser, due to this massive flaw.
Now on to my 71st mobile handset since my first ever Ericsson (not S.E.) GA688, with the advent of my new HTC Desire Android phone, as Symbian was just too old now (after 67 Nokias)...

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@Sam Stokes:
> My main gripe is that it doesn't allow copy and paste in the address bar and web forms
> unless you disable "Inline Editing" in the settings (so that instead it pops up an ugly
> native S60 text box every time you want to enter a URL).

At least on N97 cut and paste is triggered by a long press on the url

In some other thread somebody mentioned that on non-touch phones a long press on shift will trigger cut & paste for url cant remember wich device that refered to, so please try longpressing your various shift/ctrl/sym keys and report if it works!

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The touchscreen on the 5800 gives Opera a chance to use their non-standard on-screen keyboard rather than the one built into the device. This is a missed opportunity because people will feel that the Opera solution is just 'wrong' rather than different. I suspect the reason is that Opera can keep the same code base over multiple platforms, but not using the built-in input options is one area where I think Opera have made a mistake..
Could not disagree more on this statement. No, they'll go "wow" why the hell didn't Nokia, Samnsung [insert S60 manufacturer here] do this in the first place.

The default keyboards on touch-only S60 5th are diabolical and really shows what a kludge S60 is for touchscreen. I hate the way you're taken out of application just to show a keyboard so you lose any visual reference to the whatever application you're running. This shows how far behind S60 is with other platforms in my opinion.

In my book other applications should follow suit and employ their own keyboards until S60 catches up.

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What's the difference between Opera Mobile beta 10 and Opera Mini beta 5?
I mean in term of feature and other.

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There's one issue for me - Opera Mini 5 beta is better. Ok, startup and shut down is slightly slower in Opera Mini, I guess because it's Java and not S60 optimised (non-techy speaking here by the way) but the UI and rendering are just the same and *crucially* the browsing experience is considerably faster in Opera Mini. Even with Turbo enabled, Opera Mobile downloads more data and therefore takes longer to build a page than Opera Mini. Maybe this is something Opera will fix, for example by allowing the user to choose a lower image resolution as with Opera Mini, but after getting all excited about the Mobile beta I've now reverted to Mini 5 beta.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm using an E71 by the way.

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Opera Mini is still the only mobile browser with working history (even lacking on the iPhone), ie if your on a heave index page, go to read a link and then go back, the index page is displayed imeditally!

This is actually the one and only reason I basically do all my mobile surfing with omini, before this feature mob browsing was a joke only done as a last resort, now with omini I find that I often use it even being in the same room as my computer, quicker to grab the phone from my pocket than to walk 3 meters

some java/ajax pages are not supported for those omob seems to be a good alternative


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