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List of Running Processes

Since we're all "bored" waiting for the v20 firmware to come out (unless you're in the UK with a branded phone then it's v12), I've been trying to diagnose some of the undesired behavior of my N97--specifically the occasional screen "freezes".

Hearing so much about Handy Taskman, I downloaded the 14-day Trial version of it from Handago (which by-the-way, WHY can't you download a trial from the Handango e-app instead of having to do it on your PC?).

I am quite disappointed. For a US$13 application I was expecting as least the power of the old TaskSpy application by PushL.

Taskman only lists things running at the top application level--no more information than the built-in task manager other then RAM usage. This application should be properly be priced at US$0.99 instead of $13.

The KillMe application which is referenced on Dave Cozen's Freeware site requires that you go out and get your own Symbian sign code and sign the application yourself so I have not tried it. From some of the sites that talk about it, it would appear that it lists running processes and maybe some details about each.

Comparing it to TaskSpy, at a minimum I would like to see--

Full name
Command line
Protected (yes/no)

Thread Priority
Process Priority
Heap size
Stack size
Request count
Thread handle count
Process handle count
Protected (yes/no)

Full name (includes path to system root)
UID (example: 0x101b9ec4)
Embeddability (yes/no)
Supports new file (yes/no)
App is Hidden (yes/no)

My Nokia 9300 had all of this and more with TaskSpy. You could even compress RAM memory and reclaim any unused RAM which was left in limbo by a poorly written application when it exited.

Is there any such thing for the N97?

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MemoryUp Personal will free up some RAM manually, but it will nag you to buy the full version... which apparently will run quietly in the background freeing RAM

I've not tried KillMe yet...

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KillMe lists ALL the stuff running, but it gives little description. So, you get to see long complicated process names but I don't know what 90% of them do.

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Okay to help pacify the bored N97 owners here, I'll keep this thread going...

While testing the Handy TaskMan, I was doing some web browsing when the browser started to "hang" a bit.

The browser then switched to the home screen by itself (I had thought that the browser had closed prematurely).

Running TaskMan I found that Accuweather and Facebook processes had been closed and that the web browser was still running.

Selecting the web browser I found it had completed its page load and was then running faster than before.

I guess then that the OS will shut down the home screen apps if they are competing with the browser (not totally undesirable but unexpected).

THIS sort of monitoring is why you do need a more powerful Task Manager (than either TaskMan or the built-in Task Manager). It can help you understand what the N97 is doing.

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widgets and most other programs that arent part of the system process will usually be closed when the opportunity arises i.e. out or ram

some programs have the option to 'run as system' so it will never be clsoed by the OS


list, processes, running

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