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Hot applications for your N97 from aas members!

LAST UPDATED/LINKS VALIDATED when ever it says at the bottom of the list

OK, here we go again..... Moderated thread for good apps for the N97. (like the N95 app thread here) Message me with any probs on links please.

Its not a discussion. Its way of sharing what you think is good. Posts will be deleted once I add the app to the list. If there's something you REALLY need to chat about, search the forum and see if its live there, or start a new thread.

Clearly a 'good' app. is a subjective thing and we can't/don't all agree, so I figure let the user take their choice. But this list doesn't want to just become a list of ALL software applications for N95's... so lets all try and keep the suggestions worthy.

Feel free to post (so long as its not pirated/cracked etc) the name of the app and a link to download. Also add if its a free/beta/donate app and then I'll add it to the list. Thanks in advance to members that post up to this list and your contribution to the forum. I'll menton you below for the link

I'll try stay on top of this to keep it easy to find stuff so will delete the posts only once I have added the app to the list....

So, in no particular order, and thanks to the guys in alphamusic's thread here for the suggestion of an N97 list... here we go:

1. Nokia Photo Browser - ironass (#1, #2, #3) says - FREE. Great for just flicking through your images.
2. Fring - What can I say. In the abscence of VOIP this does a lot. FREE.
3. Mippen NewsBuzz - widget (and others) for the home screen. Better than the built-in ones and configurable. FREE.
4. Paint Pad - zxon says It's a great little drawing program, much better than the one that comes with the phone. It's about as advanced as Paint on Windows machines but still good fun.
5. Mobbler - lightbulb (#5 & #6) says works well on the N97. but he means its a client.
6. Key Lock Clock - Dr Jukka has released an app so you can have a clock on the standby screen but it requires the backlight.
7. Y-Browser - ironass says Y-Browser by Dr Jukka. FREE. Much better than the built in File mgr.
8. Best Screen Snap - seki (#8 ) says Free works well on N97.
9. SIC!FTP - Free FTP client .. 3rd Ed but installs and works fine on N97
10. JIProlog - rdcinhou says (A little on the Techie side...) a J2ME implementation of the Prolog Language (PROgramming in LOGic). Those of us who are into artificial intelligence applications and problem-solving like to have the best tools on-hand
11. Gravity - peterhorner (#11,#12#13) says Gravity - Twitter client which works great with the touch screen and keyboard. Multiple accounts. Also makes it very easy to upload images online plus now 4square access.
12. Handy Taskman - Makes a good app switcher/launcher and also can close programs which get launched automatically when the phone starts, helping save some memory.
13. Profmail - I like the updated Nokia Messaging for my googlemail account but I don't want instant notifications on my work emails and I also find the built in messaging app unusable. Profmail works well with my work Groupwise account over imap.
14. Time Machine - lightbulb says simple count-up/down timer. Aesthetically, it looks like something you'd expect from the iphone app store's offerings than something for Symbian. Now version 2 and has another theme included, apparently keeps time in the background incase it gets minimised and also has a clock.
15. Snaptu - Berty (#15,#16#17#18) says Works ok on the N97 with the on-screen pointer keys.
16. Nimbuzz - Nimbuzz is best for IM in my book
17. Fishtext - Fishtext works well if you need to send SMS overseas regularly, cheap as chips: My £5 of credit has lasted me month.
18. Vizimo - Vizimo is good too to see what 's on the telly tonight - Similar to the snaptu one.
19. Free Compass says (#20,#21)
20. Shazam - retrieve music tag what you listen.
21. Palringo - nomorgow says IM program that, IMO, is better than nimbuzz. Where nimbuzz is bloat and has all this functionality, palringo is simple and concentrates purely on chat.
22. Freecell Touch (Ovi store) 1 pound. Nice game says Nyxmorph (#22,#23,#24,#25)
23. Compass Touch (Ovi Store) - novelty. Nice compass. Free
24. Level Touch (Ovi Store) - novelty. Nice spirt level. Free
25. Mine Sweeper Touch (Ovi Store) - classic minesweeper for your N97 (hold down a square to mark it as a mine)
26. SlickIM - chris_iow says, I have been using the following IM client for a while on many phones, inc my N97 Another good RSS reader is:
27. Upvise RSS - Berty says add your feeds online with copy and paste then read them on the app you install on your phone. Also you can download the full news feed as opposed to opening in the browser and reading from there, i.e very quick to read a full story.
28. Private call&sms guard $35. luckyapple says it can hide and protect sms from baby list that have phone numbers you wanted, including some other functions,encrypt sms, protecting the private informations(sms/call/files...), call rejection, record..
29. Underground Maps, moph_dog says underground maps without a need for a pdf reader.. NOTE: apps appear to work, however are misnamed. I installed one for the London tube and ended up with the Paris Metro. Also not very easy close in horizontal mode
30. Opera Mini 5 (beta) - Beta of the ever popular Opera mini with new interface. ~thanks jerm
31. Best Full Screen Message, dez_borders (#31 - #36) says Automatically displays new messages (SMS, MMS, Nokia Email client) in full screen popup window
32. BestProfiles - Automatically change handset profiles on calendar entries (e.g. silent during meetings), scheduled times (e.g. silent when you are in bed).
33. MSN Messenger Mobile - (Ovi Store) - Just released this week (9/11/09) on OVI Store - FREE - MSN Chat and Emails - official Microsoft app (?)
34. YouTube Symbian - You Tube search engine - faster, lower memory use than full Youtube website
35. SymSMB 4.00 - Share date between PC and mobile, using windows SMB network file-shares
36. Total Recall - Call recorder and Dictaphone.
37. Opera Mobile 10 & Opera Mini, Surf the full Web on your smartphone or PDA with the award-winning Opera Mobile browser. Go direct from your handset and choose install.
38. Vlingo - Instantly send a text or email message, call a friend, search the Web, create a "note to self" and more by speaking to your Nokia smartphone. Free to £ for pro version.
39. symtorrent bang bang boom says SymTorrent. It is the first and currently only BitTorrent client for Symbian OS.
40. Skype for N97 and mini. Skype, you all know it. Thanks to ironass for the link and #41

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41. ComingNext widget. Fully configurable calendar app with home screen showing up to the next 4 events. Much better than the built-in calendar widget.
42. Free iSMS- ironass (#42,#43) says Must have app offers threaded text/MMS similar to iPhone. Fully integrated, costs about £8.50p but well worth it.
43. Maps Booster - Greatly enhances positioning, like AGPS. Fast, accurate locks for Maps etc. £3 from Ovi Store.
44. SPB Mobile Shell, ironass says for S60v5. Slick, fast, fully
configurable. Changes the whole UI. 15 day trial. Cost $29.95
45. BallZ, LocaNote and TouchCalc all recommended by Tam Hanna who developed the gems.

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davecozens said too (had to move your post down 1 Dave)


Also, now with 55 pieces of free software sortable by date, rating or name: -
with an RSS feed here: -
Now with screenshots! And email updates! And you can comment about software and rate it. And there's a link to add stuff you find if you like...

I'm planning a widget with homescreen support when I find the time...



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Good Apps...
  • QuickOffice: fantastic with the hardware qwerty
  • Flashlight
  • X-plore
  • Opera Mobile and Opera Mini: a must for any s60v5 user! great browsers
  • Shazam
  • Screen Snap
  • Tube Map: for the London Underground

Recommended Games...
  • Big Roll in Paradise: fab free game
  • Ovi Maps Challenge
  • MicroPool: shame Virtual Pool Mobile was not converted for s60v5 as it had greater gameplay with the career mode and proper 3D graphics, but Micro Pool is still great fujn, on sale for £1.50 in the Ovi Store
  • Catan The Seafarers: great strategy game, epsecially if you like the original board game and lots of replay value, on sale for £1.50 in the Ovi Store
  • Crazy Penguin


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