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Emoze Pro now free

Thanks to CJ for the heads-up that Emoze, the third party push email aggregator that preceded Nokia Messaging, has just opened up its 'Pro' version for free. You can read more about it below and on the Emoze Blog but essentially you get rich HTML, multiple accounts, Gmail, Hotmail and Facebook support, plus a lot more.

Read on in the full article.

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Just tried it out on my E71, don't see any big difference to Nokia Messaging, which I don't like. So I'm still sticking to ProfiMail, imho still worth its price.

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Only installs on "Nokia S60 phones" = FAIL!

(and yes, you get that even on phones which have been hacked to accept "Nokia-only" software)

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Emoze on the E71

I configured it for my Office Exchange Server and the email pushes faster to it than to MFE but the interface seems a little sluggish (I have emoze set to sync back to 1 week)). I also cannot seem to figure out how to rename the mailbox to a more meaningful name for my exchange account, rather than my user name. Lastly, I enabled subfolder sync, but it shows up as empty, although I have plenty of subfolders, both in the root path of my Exhachange account as well as subfolders of my Inbox. I will have to explore this. Overall, I like this client much better than MFE, mostly for the HTML email support, which I think is an absolute Must-Have for any modern email client. By the way, the "Listen" function is great but I'd like to see Nokia release an intellible Voice Synthesizer (which will NEVER happen for the E71).

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unregistered, you can rename the mailbox by clicking on the mailbox inside the emoze app from your installations folder, then pick rename from the bottom of the list.

Just being able to have these emails in HTML over the plain text of MfE is working for me atm as well. I too have the same issue on sub folders so perhaps it only shows you new mail in the subfolders?

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bah I suppose its better than the built in although the interface has stepped back to like the N82. now at least it has a pop-up box telling me I have a new e-mail, like a text message. One thing I miss from the N82 is that the screen does not light up to notify the new text/email message. When I have the phone on silent on the desk, theres no way of knowing unless I notice the tiny @ or message box icon, lighting up the whole screen would get my attention straight away.

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tried it but didn't like it ... got upset again that the built-in email app is so useless on my N86 that the gmail java app seems good ... sighed ... uninstalled it ... got on with my life ... checked my htc desire order status ... felt better

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Profimail still the best out there on any phone, pleased I'm not part of the google monster.

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Why did it go free ?
And which is better - Nokia messaging email or Emoze ?

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Usually, I don't comment here. Anyway, I am an emoze user myself (Free version) ,and now that the pro version become free. I'm kinda worried that emoze is so close to die (Or the free pro version will have ads?).

For those whom asking between (A,B,C,...) which is better. Just try them all, usually it won't takes more than 30 mins to judge which will fits you more. For those whom wondering why I prefer emoze, I only use it in emergency cases (I am without a data plan/ More of Wifi-er :P) and I noticed emoze consumes less data. If my memory serves me right I think it takes 7 KB to get 20 e-mails (neglecting your first time syncing) with it.

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I use SEVEN on my N86 after being so frustrated with the sluggishness of the built-in app. SEVEN gives my push email and is super fast.

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Thumbs up Just a few words about emoze pro on E72


Thanks A LOT for that post - on my E72 fscking "push" using Nokia Messaging dit not work. Ever.
I'd tried System Seven too, but with no success, too (it stopped working after day or so).

Now I'm using emoze since yesterday and I'm happy at least - it _works_, I mean, push mail.

I like emoze's way to set internet connection too.

Thanks anyway - I'm not sure if I need Profimail now

Have a nicest days,


emoze, free, pro

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