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Qwerty Eseries reviews all round

There's been a blitz of Eseries coverage in the last day or so... Just a sample: PhoneScoop have reviewed the Nokia E71, calling it 'classy, smart and nearly perfect'. Dotsix has been doing a series of Nokia E90 comparisons with a laptop, no less. An engineering firm in Texas is trialling five E71s and initial impressions are that they've 'never seen any mobile device come close to it for speed'. And PDA Essentials magazine have given the E90 the convincing nod ahead of all its competitors (from HTC, Toshiba and Asus) in a big roundup of qwerty smartphones, in issue 78, out today in the UK (and no, I didn't write this one!)

Read on in the full article.

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Question E71 key characters

Just spotted this for the first time: what's happened to the other characters on the keys (, €, etc.)?

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Smile buzzz all around on e series!

hey guys.

Nice articles and links all. Thanks for this. However, e90 reading was better. I believe people rating e71 as a 'near perfect phone' should really take a hard look at it before making statements like these. I have used it for a week and am so so very happy to be back on my n 82. It will sound awkward but i type faster on my n 82 t9 than using those little qwerty keys of e71. True, that phone has all the features, but the question is, how effective are those features? Camera is at its best when you click the object 2 feet away in board day light and that too, it comes with a tinge. E90. Give it to me any day! I have always maintained, the best e series phones have been e61, e61i, e51 and e90.

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We posted our E71 review a few days ago.

Personally, I prefer the E71 over the E90 by a long shot. I don't like the E90's keyboard at all, and the super wide/short display never did anything for me either.

But without BlackBerry support, or an Exchange Client that supports email folders (I don't count RoadSync, because it is so unstable), the E71 is going to have a bit of an uphill battle.

Nokia told us that the BlackBerry Connect client was too expensive to maintain considering that it competes with its Intellisync product. The truth is, though, that it can't be *that* expensive to maintain, and Intellisync barely competes with any other email product on the market, because barely anybody uses it for corporate email. At least here in the U.S., that is.

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blackberry connect

i believe it is an intended decision on behalf of nokia to do away with blackberry connect though it was so easy to handle multiple accounts. However, given mfe, i don't think its gonna hurt them now that they are putting another e mail client in beta. (i haven't got the time to go thru that article of aas till now, probably will do it early morning tomorrow). As far as, likes and dislikes are so very subjective. E90 to me is a wonderful piece of work for enterprise users.
Have got nothing against e71 but then why is it projected as the 'ultimate messaging device'.
A device is made to suit to people's needs and if i have got slighlty large fingers, should i go for a plastic surgery to get nimble thumbs to type on e71? No, i would rather take a good phone (like mine n 82) which caters to my other priorties and i master the t9 to get decent typing speed.
Or i get an e90! Again personal!

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Just spotted this for the first time: what's happened to the other characters on the keys (, , etc.)?
I think they do keyboard variants for different markets, so European versions of QWERTY devices will have those characters but non-Euro ones might not.

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i do agree that i am 10 times faster with T9 on my n95 compared to my E71. 12 keys are easier to type on than 40 keys on a device, just no way around it. you would be shocked how many people say "i dont know how to use T9, or i've never tried it." t9 is so simple and accurate and better for mobile on-the-go situations out in the real world. one thing i DO like about the e71 is that i can use it one handed to type, but i have to look at it a lot. so right now i'm torn on which device to keep, especially given the RF problems i've been having with the e71. decisions, decisions...

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E71 is good but can't replace the E90

The is an interesting thread on ( that talks about whether the E71 can replace the E90. Having used the E90 for nearly a year and an E71 for almost a week, I can no, the E71 cannot replace the E90. Don't get me wrong, I think the E71 is a great phone that can do many of the same things as the E90 but not everything as well as the E90. While the E71's keyboard is great for such a small device, and is better than the E90's keyboard in some aspects, the E71 keyboard is so small I really would not want to do too much typing. While the E90's keyboard does not have the really good tactile response of the E71, I have comfortably typed long documents using the E90 that I would never attempt on the E71.

That all said, my E90 is broke and I can't get it fixed so I need a new phone and am buying an E71. Why? I live in the US and I want 3G. However, as soon as Nokia releases a communicator that is compatible with US 3G, I'll buy it and retire my E71.



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