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emTube a hard act to follow

Ah, never mind the official Java YouTube streamer, emTube is still streets ahead, and pulling further away all the time. The author has quietly sneaked a big update, v1.0.10, online in the last couple of days. This includes lots of tweaks and fixes, plus a new 'Sort by' option and way of scanning your disks for flash video files. See below for the link and the changelog.

Read on in the full article.

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Still missing Access Point configuration

I wonder why i still misses the oppertunity to save the access point, so I don't have to confirm it every time I start emTube.

Quality of the video is much better than the new Youtube Java App though, I will definately stick with emTube - unless I have to upload something.


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I totally agree, but it might be nice to add the upload featur to the next version of emtube
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i can say emtube is the BEST app for the s60 in the entire planet..jus look at how fast it startup and search for of all, you can save the video..I use it everyday!

the only thing i really wish the author can do is to give us a nice polished more 3d icons (not flat like now) and also video upload (if thats possible)..then it will be PERFECT!

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Just one "small" wishes

Best app ever for a symbian device, and I have been using Symbian for a couple of years now. What I think would be a nice feature is that I in some way could Mark many files and then let them all be played.

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youtube client vs emtube

I think emtube and the youtube-client have each their use.

The youtube client is well thought out. Clearly it is a client for mobile internet networks. Even over low datarates it will playback videos at a acceptable quality. Yet for now it makes Symbian look poorly compared to the iPhone. Where as emTube make Symbian shine! I wonder if they did it on purpose, if they are limited by a deal with Apple. Still upload works well too and it can use the wifi for that. For now that is a redeeming quality until youtube comes with a dual-quality player that would use the local flash capacity. For now emTube is THE high quality player for high bandwidth situations that makes the iPhone look silly ;-)


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404 error

404 error is still there on my n95

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Whenever I stream a video via wifi on my e90, it's a bit choppy. However, when it's done downloading, it plays fine. Maybe too much load on the processor? wifi and playing flash might be too much for it.

Other than that, emTube is a wonderful piece of software.. much better than the youtube's application.

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Yeah, this app is amazing. I downloaded the official one and was done with it quicker than it took to install. It's great how a home-based developer with passion does a better job than a multi-million dollar company with hundreds of developers (well maybe not mobile but I'm sure they've had more than one person working on this).

Go emTube!!! And the new update (.10) is even better.

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I'm just waiting

for someone to port one of the many POSIX compliant Bittorrent clients into PIPS.

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Icons for emTube


I'm the one who did the german translation for emTube and I asked Sebastian for better icons a while ago. He said that he's not good at graphics.

Someone here posted he likes to see better icons too. So, feel free to contact the author of emTube if you have any ideas or drawings. You're welcome.


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emTube´s on the fast track..

Who needs youTube now?

emTube just keeps getting better and better.
Keep it up!

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is it true that the TV output fullscreen doesn't work on this emtube release?
the screen rotated wrongly on my nokia n82, the nokia gallery video no problem with screen rotation on my tv..anyone have the same problem?

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emtube 1.0.10 playback problems

Very nice program. Use it a lot.

But in the latest version 1.0.10, I am having playback problems in my N95-1 latest firmware v20.0.015.

For example "Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music" used to play fine and smoothly with the previous version 1.0.8 but now it is not anymore. It is out of sync and the video doesn't play smoothly.


act, emtube, follow, hard

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